Monday, 31 October 2011

When the Music's Over - WoW

Write On Wednesdays

Write On Wednesdays Exercise 22 Select a piece of music that reflects the mood of writing you'd like to aim for. Press play. Start free writing. Write the first words that come into your head. When the music's over, so is the writing. I'd recommend finding out how long the song is before you start the exercise. You may feel cheated in your writing time if you pick a song by The Ramones. Of course, if you feel like writing a short, punky piece by all means, go for it!

Dropping the lip gloss and phone into her bag she reached for the boots.

As she slipped her feet into them the soft black suede molded to her calves and over her  knees, soft as velvet, as soft as the skin underneath ...

Her confidence grew with every step.  Every swing of her hips.  Every flick of her hair.

She was ready.

Ready to look the memories in the eye and gently kiss them goodbye.

At the tall glass door of the Cosy Club her confidence faltered slightly.

She wished he had chosen any place other than this.

So many times she had thought she was ready only to have the memories creep up behind her and steal her breath away.

Drawing in a deep breath of the chill night air she firmly pushed the door open.

Instantly she was transported back to that night.

His face.  His smile. His laugh ...  his touch ...

Sensory overload made her head spin.  Her hand reach out looking for support as the black wave of disbelief swept over her yet again.

Gradually the dizziness subsided and a rush of noise replaced the buzzing in her head.  People laughing, bottles being opened, drinks being poured.

A voice calling her name.

Through the crowd at the bar she saw him.

Smiling as though they were the only two people in the room.

Could a new  face overlay old memories ...

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Day Two - Change Of Plan

I was quite relieved this morning when I woke up to find that yesterday hadn't just been a blip.

I still felt pretty damned good :)

Now, my plan for today HAD been to clear out my bedroom in preparation for decorating (even though I still ache all over from yesterday).

It's a pretty town
Then I got a phone call from Woody.  He was going to Dulverton, a lovely little market town on Exmoor  to pick up some contracts for a case he was working on.  Would I like to come along for the ride and lunch?

Hmm, difficult decision ...... ;)  NOT!!

Who could resist Acorn Antiques:)

I just like the colour :)

They were quite cute so we shared a little
With work out of the way and the sun shining we decided to pick up some lunch from a little deli and sit by the river where we were joined by these guys:  

But then I noticed THIS:
All their friends wanted to get in on the act!
A lovely place to lunch (apart from the hoards of hungry ducks!)

Could be worse, could be in focus ;)

Woody took some truly crap photos of me which I will NOT be publishing and in return I took a truly crap one of him which obviously I will ;)

"Don't you think ducks look like
they should have arms?"

Besides, he seemed to find it extremely funny for some reason when I said:

They DO ...  don't they ...?

This evening I went out for a drink with Paul. Hard to believe that this little gem is literally TWO minutes from my door!

I also took a photo of Paul which I kind of promised not to use so I trawled the net for a lookalike and the closest I came up with was this:

Oops! (sod it, what's
the worst he can do ... ?)

Ok, maybe not quite Brad (although he does have the hair, it's just tied back) and you do have to bear in mind my crappy camera and the fact that is was getting dark

Ha ha, gotcha surfer dude ;)          

Oh, and I nearly forgot to say.  Woody brought me a present.  It's a little bit wacky ...

Can't think WHY he thought of me but I may just hang it on my bedroom wall.
Thank you Woody!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Listography - My 5 Worst Dates

This weeks listography is being hosted by Typecast and the theme is 5 worst dates.

God this could have been MADE for me, I've had a few shockers.

Let me tell you all ......

Ok, first of all I need to say that most ok some of them were entirely the fault of my friend Maggie. Either being drunk and wandering off so I got bored and started chatting to anyone and every one OR giving me misinformation about the blokes I chatted to whilst I was drunk.

Either way she was usually involved and ALWAYS to blame ;)

1) I took a phone number whilst I was drunk in charge of a pair of crutches (having broken my kneecap whilst drunk and looking for Maggie!).  A few days later I made the mistake of asking Maggie if I should phone him, I didn't have a CLUE what he was like.


He turned up in a jumper he'd knitted himself, drank coke and pineapple juice in the same glass and SNIFFED, the one bodily function I cannot tolerate (personally I'd rather he broke wind!).  Because of the bloody crutches I couldn't get home under my own steam.  This was before mobiles were commonly in use so I had him escort me to the nearest phone box which took bloody forever and had to talk in code to a friend who assumed I was drunk for ages before convincing them to come and pick me up!

2)  Maggie and I (and you Bev!) went to a night club in Andover called the G Spot, I shit you not!  nb 'I shit you not' is an expression I have picked up from some lovely Aussie bloggers I know.  I love it.  It's similar to the UK I kid you not but slightly more descriptive (I'm always looking for ways to expand my vocabulary:).

Anyway, as the vodka disappeared we devised a game (ok, I devised a game).  The night club was a kind of hexagon shape, lots of corners and I decided we should see who could collect the most men's phone numbers.  So I circulated stopping to chat at each corner.  Having secured a phone number I then told each of them to stay right where they were as I needed the loo and Id be straight back.  Then I moved on to the next corner.

Well, (slightly modestly) I won the game although I'm not really sure that anyone else was playing!!!

I went home armed with my phone numbers.  A week later I was sent up to the area with work and it involved an overnight stay.  Now one of the blokes had been quite nice so I thought Id give him a call.  Trouble is I couldn't remember which one it was.  In steps Maggie, 'it was that one for sure' she said picking one of the phone numbers.

So I called him.

I swear to god I'd never seen this bloke before in my life!  He wore a nylon shirt with big sweat patches under his arms.  As the evening wore on the static built up in the shirt and he CRACKLED!  If you'd turned the lights off he's have glowed in the dark!  He bought me a half dead rose from one of those rose sellers that wander round bars and thought that was his ticket to take me back to my hotel for afters.  I SHIT YOU NOT!!!

3)  I used to have an on off relationship when I was much younger, in fact, we still keep in touch but just as friends.

Now this particular 'friend' used to have another friend who ran corporate weekends on Exmoor.  Lots of mental office types let loose with guns and stuff getting pissed up in the pub ect.  Well, we used to spend quite a lot of time down there when these weekends were going on.  One night we were all at the pub which was a mile or so from the manor house where the weekends were held.  There must have been 20 of us.  For some reason the transport that was suppose to arrive to take us all back failed to appear so we decided to walk.  I cant remember what time of year it was but it was bloody cold!

Once outside the pub M  (not Maggie this time:) uttered the immortal words 'I know a short cut'.

The short cut was over the fields in the pitch black with no torch and a load of (no offense) pissed as farts Hooray Henrys.  There was also a dyke (water filled ditch) at the bottom of the first field.  We lost a couple of them there, a few more negotiating the barbed wire fence and two or three climbing the 6ft wall that surrounded the house and had no access into the damned field!

4) When I first started dating my ex he lived in a small village where to be perfectly honest, they didn't get out much and used to make their own entertainment ie sleeping with the neighbours wife, cow or ass ..

Well, my ex wasn't a local but (unknown to me) he had embrased this philosopy wholeheartedly with a neighbours wife a few months previously.

He took me to the local which was a scary place at the best of times 'The Black Nun' or some such name.  The neighbours wife was there and was none to happy to see him roll up with me.  Then the neighbour who had only recently found out about their activities turned up.  I still had no idea what was going on but it was pretty obvious by the way my ex and his friends stood between me and them that things could turn ugly.

We made our escape out the back way while they were distracted by the bar staff with free cheesy puffs.  When we eventually stopped running he turned to kiss me on the cheek forgetting he still had a fag in his mouth and nearly set fire to my hair and left a perfectly round burn on my cheek!

5)  God, which to choose ...
One of the occasion where I seemed to jinx cars so they wouldn't start/ open or the alarm wouldn't switch off?
The one where I broke my arm?
The one who I thought was a naturalist until he showed me his holiday pics!!!
 The one who spent the entire date slagging off his ex and spitting everytime he mentioned her name?
The one (ok ones!) where I was mistaken for a hooker (TOTALLY undeserved).
The one where I laughed so hard there was a real danger of my pelvic floor giving way?
The one who bored me so much I actually fell asleep when he went to the loo?

I don't know, you choose :)

Monday, 3 October 2011

Wow - Song Bird - Choose Your Own Adventure ..........

Write On Wednesdays

Write On Wednesdays Exercise 17: This week, we are going with Karen's idea for an open choice week. So take a look at the old writing exercises (you can find them listed in my sidebar: WoW Writing Exercises), find one you'd like to try (or retry!) and link it up to the linky below. Short and simple instructions this week. If time is an issue perhaps you would like to try one of the 5 minute stream of consciousness exercises. 

Last week I wrote about one of the men who had been an influence on Rock Chicks life, but it wasn't the first post I wrote for the prompt.

That was about someone else .......

Fast forward just under a year from the last post ...........

"Rose Tinted Glasses"

“Run your fingers through my soul. For once, just once, feel exactly what I feel, believe what I believe, perceive as I perceive, look, experience, examine, and for once; just once, understand.”

She turned off the TV just as the familiar theme tune started to play and the credits began to roll.

It’s true what they say she thought tapping the remote against her chin as she pondered on the events that had just been played out before her.

Sometimes real life does reflect drama, or is it the other way around?

She cast her mind back to the first time she had seen him.

She felt like she already knew him. She already knew he was going to be so very important to her.

She got there a little early.  After all, he had come all this way to see her, she didn't want him to feel uncomfortable in a strange place.

She thought she’d feel more nervous but she was calm other than the small fluttering of anticipation deep inside.

She smiled as she thought of the scene earlier at home.

She had known exactly what she was going to wear.

 It might be February but the dress was still perfect.  Shades of deep blue, Flirty, it touched and skimmed. The handkerchief hemline ending several inched above her knee. Worn with high suede heels and sheer stockings, a cashmere shrug covering her shoulders and arms against the chill of the evening.

“Mum, I can see the tops of your stockings”.  She turned to survey her back view in the mirror. Damn, damn, damn! The cut of the hemline revealed the tell tale edge of lace as she walked.  

There was no time to think, she had to go now or she would be late!  Letting the dress slide to the floor she stepped out of the puddle of blue kicked off the high heels and unclipped her stockings.  Pulling on a pair of favourite jeans a plain white tee shirt and a brown suede jacket she zipped up the long chocolate brown boots and grabbed her bag.

He was late.......  

The minutes ticked by, every sound was intensified. The scraping of a bar stool. Sounds from the kitchen. The chink of ice in her glass.  

Her phone buzzed making her jump. His name flashing up on the screen  “I’m here, where are you”?

She looked around in confusion, her view of the door was unimpeded, surely she couldn’t have missed him.

“Where exactly are you” she asked. “ I’m standing outside the Market House”.  Suddenly the confusion cleared and she laughed.  “I’m in the Moat House” she replied, “stay exactly where you are, I’ll come and find you”.

It was only much later that he confessed how nervous he had been.  They sat side by side on the huge cream sofa in the gallery overlooking the bar below.  Their bodies turned slightly towards each other, knees almost touching.

Slowly, slowly, they got to know each other, sharing, smiling, learning, laughing.

Later, as they walked under the archway through the cobbled street a man passing by called out, “she’s way out of your league mate”.  Neither of them said a word both suppressing a smile at his drunken comment.  They would laugh about it later..... Was it true .........?

They sat side by side again. This time on a wooden pew. Drinks untouched in front of them.  Talking with more ease, still  laughing. 

Knowing that this was just the start.  

The start of something that could ... if they let it ... last a lifetime....

She turned towards him, her face alight with laughter. He studied her silently.  Gradually the laughter faded and became something else.  He moved closer. Their breath mingled.  His lips touched hers, softly at first,exploring the contours of her mouth gently and then more insistently. The world shrank to that moment in time .......

They shared a taxi. Dropping her at home first, he opened his door and got out. Wanting this last opportunity to touch her, to kiss her as she left.

"I’ll call you he said". 

She knew he would.

Logging on to Facebook she smiled as she typed, ‘the mark of a great evening is not having to remove your makeup because the tears of laughter have already done it for you’.

She thought he understood how fragile her heart was. 

She had thought he would keep it safe .......