Wednesday 13 March 2013

A Poem for Rowen

GOD -  I AM GOOOOD!! - see what I did there -  even the fricken title rhymes!

Thank you Rowen for being called ...  errm,  Rowen (it helped LOTS ;).

Now I like Rowen even though she likened me to her Grandmother (who I'm sure is a lovely person) and so, when she said her Dad used to like Pam Ayres (bear with me here) I promised to regurgitate this poem especially for her so here it is:

Bingo Boobs (a trueish story)

I thought I saw her bingo book
Lurking under there,
I didn't really like to look
It seemed so rude to stare.

Her chest was like a giant pillow
With room for several heads,
Across the table it seemed to billow
Enough for at LEAST two beds.

Where was her book? It was a farce
I felt I ought to say,
I just thank god it wasn't under her arse
Or we'd  have been there half the day!

I'd umm'd and ahh'd (and gestured too!)
And pointed at her bits,
Then I shouted out (what else could I do?)


Eat your heart out Pammie ;)


Rowen said...

That's so cool :P
Loving the title :D
I feel uber-special now :)

SlapdashMama said...


Sarah said...

First time ever I've change the title of a post for someone Rowen :)

Did you just SNORT all over my blog post NS ;)