Thursday, 22 September 2016

Living And loving

I was reading a blog yesterday written by a lady who, amongst other things, has a great love of live music.


It got me thinking about how lucky I am that SD and I share this love and can indulge ourselves on a fairly regular basis.

For me the 80's were pretty much taken up with childcare and, while I don't begrudge a moment of that it did mean that there wasn't really time or money for much else so I didn't get to see some of my favourite bands in their heyday, the closest I got was listening to the chart countdown on the radio or watching Top of the Pops.

Thank god so many of them had staying power and are still around today!

I sat last night trying to compile a list of the bands/artists SD and I had seen together. When I ran it past SD he thought the only one I'd forgotten was Hugh Cornwell (the original lead singer of The Stranglers) - sorry Hugh, you were AMAZING!

So far together we have seen (some more than once):

The Manic Street Preachers - Super Furry Animals - Echo And The Bunnymen - Adam Ant - The Stranglers - Public Image Limited - Madness - Bad Manners - Wheatus - The Kaiser Chiefs - Heaven 17 - Pop Will Eat Itself - Jesus Jones - The Damned - The Dickies - The Wonder Stuff and of course Hugh Cornwell.

It's a pretty impressive list isn't it?  And we have tickets to see The Specials and Feeder later in the year.

This isn't really a 'proper' post, it's really just me trying to keep track and to remind myself how fortunate I am that I get to do all of this with someone who shares so many of my loves in life.

We may have taken FAR to many years to get to where we are but I'm looking forward to a future of more bands, more beaches, more festivals, more 'chazzing' in charity and second hand shops (which I MUST write a post about SOON), more fruit picking, more drinking beer in pubs listening to local bands, more dressing up in silly outfits and partying with friends, more lying on my back in the dirt painting the underside of cars, more messing about at the farm, more sitting in the sun high on the cliffs in Cornwall.

Just more living and loving I guess.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Don't Come A Knocking ...

SD stopped in his track this morning.

'What's wrong with your face?' he asked.

I was affronted!

I'd dragged my sorry ass out of bed despite having spent most of the night coughing like a cat with a hairball stuck in it's throat just so I could make SD and Miss Mac a nourishing breakfast before they went off to work and college when obviously I would have preferred to have stayed in bed surrounded by crumpled tissues soaked in Olbas oil and now, when I was SMILING at him despite my pain, he asks me WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY FACE!!

'It's my WINSOME look' I told him indignantly - 'I am SMILING at you!!!'

'Winsome' he replied picking up his bag - 'I think you might have lost that one' and he paused clearly thinking about giving me a kiss but then just patted me on the head before walking out of the door.

All that when I was still smarting at the fact that I don't own a rat shovel!  I didn't even know it was a thing until Joe pointed it out on my last post and BP also wondered why I don't have one but now I feel cheated.  Why don't I have a rat shovel???

I've got a churn brush - I don't suppose everyone's got one of those but a churn brush is no good when you have a rat to dispose of is it?

SD has shovels - I KNOW SD has shovels because the other day when we were at the farm and David (the farmer) had been moving sheep some of them had wandered down the drive to the house and left lots of tiny sheep turds all over the path.  SD thought it would keep me amused for a while if I dealt with it and told me to get the short handled shovel by the coal bunker and flick the poo off the drive where it might be stepped on and then walked into the house and flick it into the hedge (kind of like lacrosse with sheep shit I imagine).  While I was busy flicking (and it was actually rather more fun than it sounds) SD passed by and asked me why I was using the really short handled shovel when he had clearly told me to use the short handled shovel!

I'll bet they have a rat shovel at the farm too - it stands to reason doesn't it?  I mean, if you have a special shovel for sheep shit OF COURSE you have a rat shovel too.  What I want to know is why don't I have one?

I may also require a frog shovel.  After the worm and the rat yesterday Squishy decided to bring in a frog!  They don't kill frogs, I don't think they taste very nice so she dumped this one in the middle of the kitchen and sat watching it.  The frog SCREAMED really loudly - have you ever heard a frog scream?  It's a pretty scary sound and then fortunately it just hopped back out the door so although I didn't really need a frog shovel this time NEXT time I might!

Anyway, last night I was having a bit of a brighter spell so SD decided to take me out to Asda (the old romantic) to do a bit of shopping.

While we were there I saw they had Pernod on special offer.

'Ugg, I HATE Pernod' I told him - 'I drank a load of Pernod and black once and it made me SO sick - I thought I was throwing up BLOOD'.

'I'm not a fan either' said SD.  We got drunk on it at James' house once.  His parents were away for the night and they had a pool so we grabbed a couple of girls and had a party.

James was SD's partner in crime for many years when they were young - it was he who was with him when they inadvertently ended up at a young farmers party in a marquee in the middle of a field in their punk days and were surrounded by a load of angry, burly, tweed jacket (with elbow patches) wearing young men who thought they were after their women (quite right - they WERE) as they danced along to Soft Cell's Tainted Love, hands clasped together, chains hanging from their torn jeans and Mohawks quivering as they warbled 'I'm sorry I don't praaaay that way'.

'I ended up throwing up all over the girl who was asleep beside me'.

'What did you do then' I asked in horror.

'Not sure' he said, the next thing I knew I woke up naked in the bathroom with Henry licking my feet'.

'Jesus SD, WHO was HENRY and why was he licking your FEET?'

Turns out that Henry was James' parents Irish Wolf Hound and SD thought he might have been concerned the he was dead.

Bless him, I LOVE Irish Wolf Hounds, (after Gus of course) they are my very favourite dogs and I love to have one (or two) I would call them Rufus and Seamus.

'So, what did you do' then I asked - 'Well' he said, 'I did think about getting back into bed but to be honest she didn't look quite so appealing covered in purple sick so Henry and I curled up on the couch together'.

We then talked a little about James.  James went on to married a hairdresser.

'I've never really been interested in hairdressers' said SD.  I remember clubbing with James, his (now wife), her sister and a friend.  They were all wearing these really long skirts in a kind of stretchy material that went down to their ankles and they all went to the loo together.  Bloody skirts were so restricting that they could only take tiny steps which is great if you don't want them to get away but a real pain when it each loo trip takes at least half an hour!

'And they giggled a lot' he added as an aside.

I was always more interested in Art students - SO much better dressed!

'So you've never dated a hairdresser then' I enquired.

'No' he said - 'Well ... there was this ONE time I dated one from Weston for a while - I think I was bored of the Taunton nightlife and fancied a change'.

'I remember now' he went on - 'she shared a flat and they had bunk beds!!!'

'SD - you DIDN'T!!!'

He looked sheepish ...


'You know what they say he said ...' (may I now refer you back to the title of this post ...).

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

It's A Jungle Out There

Albeit a very domesticated one in this case.

I sat this morning as I always do when it's dry, in my garden on the step leading to the decking underneath the archway covered in Jasmine.  It's my favourite place to drink a cup of tea before the day starts proper.

I'm actually on my 5th cup of tea of the day and it's only 10:15am but a steaming hot cup of tea seems to be the only thing that makes this cold bearable at the moment, I'm like some kind of tea drinking chain smoker, the kettle's on before  my tea hits the half way mark in the mug.

Anyway, as I was siting there something hard DROPPED on my head!  A snail had obviously misjudged the edge of a leaf or something and bounced off my (rather springy it has to be said) bed hair before hitting the ground with a gentle thud.

I was actually quite proud of myself, I'm kind of like a paramedic for gastropods!  Had I NOT been there the fall would surely have cracked that poor snails shell and he would have died a lingering death.

10 minutes later as I walked back out to the garden with cup of tea number 3 I felt a crunch under my slipper (NOT SD's stolen slipper socks which I learned from bitter experience do NOT hold up well to being worn outside but rather the sturdy pair with proper soles that SD bought me after the demise of his last pair of slipper socks) - Ooops ...  Well at least I gave that snail several minutes of extra time AND saved him from a lingering death so maybe NOT a paramedic but at the very least a well meaning first aider or something ...

After I'd carefully wiped the snail juice from the tread of my slipper I went inside to catch up on my emails and make a restorative cup of tea (restorative to me of course - the poor snail was past the restoration stage).  Within minutes Postie (the little black cat who got caught up in the barbed wire and cost SD a fortune in vets bills) who has now for some reason been re-christened Chicken by Miss Mac wandered in to the dining room making those noises that tell you a cat has brought you a 'gift'!

I hate it when that happens ...

She was SO insistent that I thought I'd better go and have a look, after all, Postie/Chicken had so far NEVER brought anything in so this was clearly a big deal for her.

At first I couldn't see what all the fuss was about, she was shouting and yowling and looking SO pleased with herself that I thought she must have tackled a deer at the very least but no, as she moved aside, there it was on the carpet - a WORM - all those hunting skills passed down generations of farm cats clearly wasted on her.

I DID get a photo of the worm but I can't post it because when I looked at the photo it was fairly clear that my carpet was in need of a hoover which is a real shame because the photo would have made a nice change on FB from all the boring holiday photos people have been posting lately don't you think?

Anyway, Squishy, my other cat (also funnily enough named by Miss Mac) clearly felt this usurper needed putting in her place - after all, it's HER job to provide me with presents and anything Chicken can do she can do bigger, better and more disgustingly (believe me, I clean out the litter tray so I KNOW that's true!).

So she brought me a RAT and left it just outside the kitchen door before stalking off as though to say, 'I don't need to make a song and dance about it - just know your place bitch'!

I'm saying it was a rat, to be honest, I'm never really sure, it was about the same size as a mouse but it had long hair (that's a rat right?).  Again, I didn't get a photo of it because it's a RAT!!!

I did leave it there for a bit hoping that she would take it away again.  Normally SD (what with being brought up on a farm and all) would dispose of things like that but it's hours until he's back and I really didn't want to touch it.

When I looked out of the window Squishy was sitting with her back to the rat but bloody Chicken had decided it would be a really cool thing to play with and she was tossing it up in the air before running after it and throwing it again.  Clearly she was trying to pretend it was HER kill but Squishy and I both knew the truth.

I tore off half a roll of kitchen paper (just as well SD wasn't there - he is obsessed with how much kitchen paper I get through - if he had his way I'm pretty sure I'd never use any and it would just sit there on the side as decoration!) scooped the rat up, ran to the bin and put it in then spent the next 10 minutes fumigating my hands.

I think I need another cup of tea ...

Monday, 19 September 2016

Constant Catchup

That's how it feels with the blog at the moment both with posting and reading others blogs.

We've been back from Cornwall for ...  Hmmm, must be 3 weeks now and I've only blogged as far as day 3!!!

Meanwhile LIFE has been happening and I have loads more to blog about and I don't know where to start.  If I leave writing a post for too long I find I lose momentum and then I hurry it and then it really isn't doing it justice.

So, this weekend just gone ... (neatly skipping over the rest of Cornwall AND drag racing at Stratford which I WILL come back to soon!) we hitched up Maudie (our tiny 10ft retro caravan) and headed to Washingpool Farm just outside Bristol for the Bristol Aircooled event.

This event is only in it's second year, last year it was more of a private party with around 300 invited guests and it had such a chilled, relaxing atmosphere with a small beer tent, a rockabilly band playing on a trailer and a huge fire pit that we all gathered around in the evening.

This year it was slightly bigger although Adrian (who runs numerous events for upwards of 10,000 people) wants to keep this as a smaller, more intimate event to round off the summer.

On the way up I'd felt a slight tickle in my throat which told me I may be in for a dose of the cold Miss Mac had happily been trying to shower me with earlier in the week but I ignored it and focused on enjoying myself.

We were SO lucky with the weather.  I'd been watching the Met Office site all week (because SOMETIMES they get it right) and they had promised a warmish (17/18 degrees - not bad for September all weekend with a little cloud on Sunday).

Well, they got it WRONG again!  It was a glorious weekend (the little cloud we did get soon cleared) - I even got a little singed yesterday!

We sat in the sun, caught up with friends, ate some amazing salted caramel ice cream and wandered around the site checking out the eclectic mix of cars:

For some reason Adrian decided to buy a bus - last year it was a boat - who knows WHAT it will be next year!

These vans have become really popular as food vans - the ice cream seller also had one.

You probably have to know far more about cars than I do to understand why this was SD's favourite car of the show.

I liked this one because it was SO cute!

Hated this because it's SO ugly!

And really liked the rest of them:

As Saturday wore on that tickle in my throat started to get worse, my glands started to swell and my joints were beginning to ache.  I took some paracetamol, cracked open a beer and watched the sunset over the vans:

And it was a lovely sunset!
But I wasn't getting any better and by 8pm all I wanted to do was curl up with a box of tissues and feel sorry for myself so I sent SD off with friends to listen to the band and drink lots of beer and I took myself off to bed.

It was possibly one of the worst nights I have ever had - SD said he had a pretty bad night too with all my tossing and turning not to mention getting up twice for the loo AND constantly reaching for a bottle of water.  EVERYTHING hurt.  I couldn't swallow without it bringing tears to my eyes but at the same time I had a raging thirst.  All my joints aches and my head was full of lead.  I cursed Miss Mac and her rogue germs!!!

By 7am I'd had enough I wondered across the field still in my PJ's (a pair of old jogging bottoms and t-shirt with a hoodie over the top which I'm saying CAN pass as day wear when you feel as crap as I did!) to the carboot sale in the next field where I knew that in exchange for my £1 entrance fee they would give me a leaflet that I could in tun exchange for a hot cup of tea (and I was CRAVING a hot cuppa!). 

I had a bit of a wander around the carboot.  Stopped to chat to a parrot (a real live one) sitting on a perch at one stall.  Picked up a pair of nearly new Converse for a couple of quid in Miss Mac's size - it's habit thinking of her - she was still NOT forgiven!  Had another cup of tea and started to feel a little better.

After a brief visit to the loo (Maudie is only 10ft long - NO loo!) I happened to glance in the mirror and realised that while my PJ's may just about pass as day wear (well, at 7am anyway) last night makeup (which I'd put on before I threw in the towel) and last night hair which was an interesting and slightly scary shape did not but hey, it was far too late to worry about that so I hurried back to Maudie to try and sort my face and hair before the day visitors arrived for the show proper.

Sunday was (as I said) the proper show day with several hundred more visitors.  There were stalls to visit, I stopped by Retro Rachel's and bought these:

 I know, you are probably thinking 'what a heap of old junk!' but they aren't for use - I'll be hanging them (along with some other bits of kitchenalia) in my kitchen when I get around to decorating it.  I love this stuff with it's painted wooden handles, I like it even better when the paint is a bit worn.  My kitchen has plain cream shaker style cabinets and the walls will stay plain too so any colour will come for things like this and I have some interesting ideas on re purposing every day kitchen items (stay tuned for that one).

There were also some fun games going on in the arena including lowdown limbo:

This car thought he had it nailed

Until THIS one came along:


 Other than feeling crap and missing out on the evenings entertainment I really was a lovely weekend and the last time we will be taking Maudie out until next year.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Another Crappy Crafting Post (sorry Joe but this one's for Holly)

Well, I WAS going to blog about day 4 of my Cornwall holiday when SD took me to Hells Mouth (think I may have called it Devils Mouth for some reason at the end of my last Cornwall post ...).

I will write about it in the next couple of day but before that I'm going to show you how to make really simple pom poms!

This one's for Holly.  Holly writes at Full of Beans (And Sausages)  and she moved from the UK to Canada to be with the love of her life, Luke.

I've followed Holly's blog almost from the very beginning and I love it - she has a touch of Julie Powell about her (from the film Julie and Julia) and her blog is an eclectic mix of travel stories, her childhood home in Cornwall (I ALWAYS think of Holly when I write about Cornwall), knitting (something I'm always impressed by as the most I can manage is a straight line of knitting without being ale to cast off so if you just want a never ending scarf well, I'm your girl!) and cooking.  At the moment Holly is following The Great British Bake Off and cooking something from each week.

ANYWAY - Holly is also going to have a baby in a few months and she's had a pretty tough time of it with pregnancy although hopefully that's now in the past.

My niece is also pregnant and I'm hugely excited about it - this will be the first baby in our family for 15 years.  At the moment my niece is in Spain as she has been for the entire Summer, a combination of working and soaking up the sun and she is absolutely blooming now:

Love this girl SOOOO much!!!
She is back in England next month for a short stay before flying out to NZ (where she has lived on and off since she was young and her husband is from) to have the baby before returning for hopefully a much longer stay some time next year.

I'm gutted that I won't get to hold that little bundle when it's first born but she (because we know it's a girl just like Holly's baby) will be surrounded by people who love her).


I can't be there but I DO plan on sending her back with a little present.

It can't be anything too big because it has to fit in a suitcase with all their other stuff so I asked SD's Mum if she would mind knitting the baby a blanket for me.

SD's Mum is a prolific knitter and spend much of her evening watching TV as she knits the most beautiful blankets, tiny jackets and booties that she then donates to either Charity Shops or the local hospital.

But I wanted my gift to have some kind of input from me too (other than just asking someone to make it and providing the wool) so I thought I could perhaps embellish the blanket in some way.

I was taught how to make pom poms the old fashioned way by my Grandmother when I was a child.  It involved cutting out 2 donut shaped pieces of card, winding the wool round and round them and then carefully snipping the wool between the card.  It was a long process and really worked best with larger pom poms.

Well, I want tiny ones and I also wanted something a little quicker and easier as I need to make lots so I turned to the Internet and found several different methods.

One involved winding the wool around the tines of a fork - I tried it and it worked!

Another was just using your fingers and winding the wool around them - that also worked!

After a bit of experimenting:

With some wool left over from something else
I worked out the best way to make the pom poms the size I wanted.

I bought some pretty pink wool with a little sparkle in it and started making my pom poms:

First of all you wind your chosen wool around 3 of your fingers:

I found 35 times gave me the size pom pom I wanted
Then carefully take one finger out of the loop of wool:

And cut a length of wool about 3 or 4 inches long
Then, in the gap you have created between your fingers tie the wool around the whole thing:

Fairly tightly (but you can tighten it more in a minute)
I used a small pair of nail scissors for the next step:

Carefully cut the wool up the side of your fingers on each side
Which will leave you with this:

Doesn't look much like a pom pom yet does it?
Then get trimming, and trimming,and trimming!

Getting there
I want my pom poms to be quite dense as I don't want any loose fibres around the baby but you can leave them longer and have a fluffier pom pom.

Eventually you will end up with this:

I've left the tails on for now for attaching them to the blanket
I'm debating now if I should attach them.  I don't want to spoil the blanket if I mess it up and will my niece worry about the fibres coming out?  I'm not sure ...

I will have a think about it while I make some more but if I decide it's not a good idea then I will make her a pom pom garland with them which she can hang anywhere so she will still have a little present made especially for her from her Aunty Sarah.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Topsham - A Little Gem

I have just spent a glorious day with my sister in Topsham, a charming maritime town on the Ex estuary in Devon.

Topsham is just a short train ride from Taunton but it's like stepping into another world.

There are many beautiful Dutch style houses dating from the time when Topsham was an important cotton port exporting to Holland and Dutch bricks were brought over as ballast and used to build houses there.

Our first stop was  Pink String, a previously undiscovered (by me) shop which had a sign outside saying 'stock clearance'.

Well, I can't resist that and I'm SO glad I didn't.


How pretty is this place?  I could have bought everything in it!

But I didn't ...

I limited myself to just these pretty lavender coloured candles (because lavender may be my new grey ...) and a few delicate metal butterflies because they were just too pretty to leave:

After a little mooch around a few Charity shops we stopped for a restorative cup of tea at the The Cafe - not the most imaginative of names but it makes up for it with bundles of charm, great food and a pretty courtyard garden:

Thirst sated we headed down the hill towards the harbour passing by some of those beautiful merchants houses:

Aren't they stunning?

Many with equally stunning views across the estuary:

to the harbour itself:

To the right lies my Topsham house (I have at least one house in almost every place we go, it's the house that I would buy were money no object).

What do you think - will it do?  I hovered in the gateway to take this photo, I would of course have preferred to walk right in and get a better one but I'm learning not to do that kind of thing ...

To the left we passed by the Topsham museum with it's period town house and popped in for the briefest visit (it really deserved far more consideration!).

After a final stroll up the hill we went back to The Cafe which, shock, horror!!!  had run out of scones so NO cream tea for me!!!

But a pot of tea went down pretty well without it and we walked back to the train station hot, happy and with an even deeper love for Topsham.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Cape Cornwall

Half an hour ago I was sitting in the garden in brilliant sunshine with a cup of tea about to head off to the park to meet Mumbling Bob for a little gardening in the wildlife area.  Then I heard the faint rumble of thunder and within minutes the sky had darkened and the heavens opened.  It's now so dark in here that I'm contemplating turning the light on so I can see to type.

The met office DID get it right this time, they said it was going to rain heavily although their timing is a little out, it wasn't supposed to be for another 2 hours!  Anyway, hopefully that means it will end sooner than they say because they promised me it would be an afternoon of sunshine and showers and I have things to DO!

So it seemed like a good time to give you my next Cornwall instalment while I wait.

When I last left you we had spent a very pleasant couple of hours in St Just and then jumped on our bikes for the short hop (mostly down hill) to Cape Cornwall.

Cape Cornwall is a small headland four miles north of Lands End belonging to the National Trust.  For a long time it was thought that the Cape was the most westerly point in England although it has since been proved that Lands End is.

A little known fact is the definition as to what a "cape" really is - it is a headland where two oceans or channels meet. in this case the English Channel and St Georges Channel and It's the only cape in England.

I would always tell people to visit Lands End for the experience (not forgetting to stop off at the First and Last pub on the way down) because there is no doubt that it's a beautiful place.

Well, I SAY beautiful - if you can close your eyes to the Peter de Saveray  monstrosity theme park/visitors centre that you have to pass through (which incidentely serves the most disgusting coffee FROM A MACHINE!!!) and ignore the fact that they charge you to have you photo taken by the Lands End sign post which irks me no end then yes, it really is a beautiful place.

But if you want a true taste of Cornwall on the very edge of England then visit Cape Cornwall instead.

De Saveray fortunately didn't get his hands on this place and the only concession to visitors is a small carpark with excellent recently renovated loos and a lovely lady selling very good coffee, homemade cakes and an assortment of freshly made sandwiches from a little van in the carpark.

As you approach the Cape you have the the lovely Cape golf course on your left which is full of plump brown bunnies running around.  I'm not sure if they are the bane of the green keepers life or if they actually help by keeping the grass nibbled short but it was lovely to see them:

Obviously there were loads more just before I took this snap!

And on the right stands the very imposing Porthledden House built by Captain Francis Oates in 1909.

In the early 20th century, the cape was owned by Captain Francis Oates, who began his working life at age 12 in Balleswidden mine and worked his way up to be Managing Director of De Beers in South Africa.

The history behind the house and the man is fascinating and you can read more about it here if you like.

Then there is the Cape itself:

'Here I have pinched an excerpt from the website above as it tells the story of the Cape so much better than I could'

"Just off shore, the Brison Rocks wrecked a number of ships, and were also said to have been used as a spartan prison at one time. The rocks are also an important breeding ground for sea birds.
Leaving the car park one can walk down a steep hill either to Priest Cove or to the cape. The beach at Priest Cove is rocky, with a small rock pool, and is dominated by the bulk of Cape Cornwall which forms its western headland. A few fishing boats still work lobster pots, catch mackerel out of the cove.
The whole area is littered with the picturesque ruins of the mining industry. And the Cape is recognisable by the old chimney on its summit, a relic from the tin-mining days when mine shafts extend out under the sea for hundreds of metres. There are two paths to the top, a relatively easy one and a steeper one. From the top are fabulous views; Kenidjack, an offshore lighthouse( Longships )and St Helen's Oratory. The chimney stack (Listed Grade II) of Cape Cornwall Mine, which crowns the summit of the cape, is one of a number of mining structures that serve as prominent sea-marks along this rugged stretch of coastline; the white building was the mine’s count house. It from 1850 and was built to serve the boilers of the Cape Cornwall mine which extracted tin and copper from beneath the sea bed between 1836 – 1879, when it then merged with the St Just United mine, just south of the Cape."

But these are my own photos as I'm sure you can tell by the odd angles and the fact that I'm in at least one of them!

We took the easier path up the Cape, less because it was easy and more because it didn't run right alongside the edge where I was sure to plummet to my death on the rocks below!

But I DID manage stop myself throwing up for long enough to let SD take a few photos and yes, I WAS terrified as you can see by my face:

Inches away from certain death!

Trying hard to look nonchalant (and to not throw up)

I'm rubbish with birds but this one was big and circled above us (probably waiting for me to fall so it could peck my eyes out!)
Then the sun came out:

 And the breeze picked up:

When I literally couldn't stomach any more we climbed down to visit the Priest Cove:

Not the prettiest that Cornwall has to offer and also not great for swimming because of the currents but there is a small man made pool:

Which has a certain charm

 And we had a nice chat with a lovely couple who were also on holiday and I had a disturbing moment when I realised that I was perving on a guy young enough to be by oldest sons younger brother (but he WAS gorgeous!!!) so SD thought we should leave before someone called the police.

It was such a great day and we loaded up the bikes before heading to Sennen to watch the sun set and eat cheesy chips on the seafront.

The following day SD had promised to take me somewhere I'd never been before ...