Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Braless In Boden Revisited

Linking up with Maxabella for the Weekend Rewind.

Occasionally I go for a wander around my blog and check out old posts.

I came across this one today that I'd forgotten about and I thought, 'why not repost it'.

So, here it is:

A couple of days ago I came across a post on Facebook that made me sit up and take notice.  Now in general the stuff on there doesn’t really excite me much, I’m not one for having hundreds ‘friends’ which is just as well as apparently hundreds of people don't WANT to be my friend anyway.

Mine is a mixture of old and new friends.  Or, as my Christmas post said:

‘Merry Christmas my old friends, my new friends and the rest of you, whoever the hell you are’.

Anyway, having only 70 odd friends can sometimes make for a boring FB with not much happening.  Sometimes I feel obliged to liven things up a little, sometimes I just leave it alone for a while.

Back to the point!

Maggie’s update (and yes Maggiemoo, I’m naming you!!!)  said:

Has anyone got a couple of small bits of felt in black and white that I could have (will pay postage) - I need to do some mending!!

Just a couple of things wrong with this!!!  Firstly, I know they have shops where you live Maggie and it’s only felt you want not the belly fur of a silver yak, wouldn’t it be easier to pop down to the local haberdashery and pick up some rather than getting someone to post it to you and then having to go to the trouble of going into town anyway to post off postage???  Just saying …………..

Secondly, who the bloody hell is this person impersonating my pal Maggie? I sat there repeating Maggie, mending, Maggie, mending, Maggie mending,  over and over in my head and even out loud to see if it made any more sense but no, my brain could not compute.  Maggie throws away, Maggie wears with holes,  Maggie does NOT mend!

SO WHO ATE MY MAGGIE??? Prime culprits are one of those damn Boden Mums from the forums she keep inexplicable joining.

Comments came in thick and fast.

what sort of size are you after? I might have a bit

I have felt the equivalent size to A4 paper if you want it

How about I give you some from the pieces I have, I can let you have them at school tomorrow?

I have some sourced from a pygmy tribe in Azerbaijan, 400 thread count but only in black and red (ok, I made that one up)

No one asked what she wanted it for, Maggie, what the fuck do you want it for?????

I only need a couple of cm's square - need it to keep the underwire bits in my bra!! (Ok, Boden Mummy, sick up my Maggie now, it’s not funny and it’s not clever!)

OF COURSE.  Like it's the most normal thing in the world to mend a bra! Like, if you WERE actually going to mend a bra of COURSE it would be with black and white felt. Like, if you were going to mend a bra with black and white felt the most obvious thing to do is to turn to your FB buddies for help?????

My suggestions for alternatives to the felt:
little squares of wholemeal toast, 
gummy bears,
old till receipts (which I was willing to post to her)
kitten fluff and
a bicycle inner tube were unanimously ignored as most of my more helpful inventive comments are.

Is there anybody out there who’s actually mended a bra (discounting the times when a straps snapped in public sending your boob plummeting south) and was felt the first thing that sprang to mind when you did????  Has a Boden Mummy eaten one of your dearest friends and have you manages to get them to regurgitate her?  Is there Hope for Maggie?

Yours, confused (and a little scared and missing Maggie) ……………………. 


K Ville said...

I remember wearing a bra on any occasions where the wire slipped out and round. I'd let it go so far, until it threatened one of my chins and then push it back in. This will tell you how close to Boden mummy I am not. I did this week post an FB status asking for squares of material to make elephant hats with. I did not offer to pay postage.

joeh said...

I think we are friends on Facebook and I don't like being called ODD.

Different maybe, but not ODD.

Bec - Mumma Tells said...

I've mended a bra. It was totally worth it too. And Facebook can be a pretty incredible village sometimes. Good, bad and otherwise.

Rachelisalive said...

OK I have to start by saying I don`t mend anything - I either throw it out or the person who owns the item learns to live with the hole.

BUT... as the owner of a Double D rack I have to say when I find a really awesome bra that lifts and separates I am always devastated when the underwires eventually come out of them. So while I`m not saying its ok to mend a bra I AM saying I kind of understand the motivation

But not the felt. I have no idea what she`s about with that!!!

Sonia LifeLoveandHiccups said...

I would not have a clue how to mend a bra... but I have black felt for reasons I have no idea about x