Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Lazy Days and Mondays

Rewinding with Maxabella

Deep red jewel like raspberry jam, fluffy, crumbly scones, thick, oozing clotted cream.

Fragrant, steaming, bone china teapots, silver teaspoons worn thin with age.

Yesterday was wrapped in gossamer, everything diffused, the light like distilled sunflowers and life so slowed you could almost hear the grass growing.

Bee's lazily buzzing, sun gently shining, birds softly singing.

As the sun set the whole sky glowed and tinted the world rose.

I've tried to find a way to tell you but I can't begin to put the magic of yesterday into words so I'll let these photos do it for me.


Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

Aw, gorgeous pics! Sounds like you had a good day! Is that a gypsy caravan I spy? You certainly live in a beautiful part of the world. And have very toned legs. xx

K Ville said...

love a perfect day when nature feels so good you'd be happy to climb inside it (or let it inside you) and stay there forever. Those amazing feelings from the light, the view, the smell, the sun's angle at each stage of the day. When you stop and look and think 'fuck me, I'm lucky' and you breath in and wish it would stay like it forever. Yup.

Nice pics :)

Brighton Pensioner said...

That's a beautiful word picture.

The Rambling Pages said...

Hello! First time in 6 months I look into my now old blog and saw a comment from you so though I would say Hi too. Not really sure why I've stopped blogging, think I found it way too time consuming with work and everything else I have to do, and would lose myself for hours writing and reading other blogs and then achieve very little with my day - something had to give. Hope you are well though. You never know I may pick it up again one day!

Sarah said...

'Fuck me, I'm lucky' - those are the EXACT words K :-) xx

Thank you BP

So lovely to see you RP and I hope you do decide to come back one day, I miss you - I know what you mean though, I blog far less often than I used to and I've been terrible about reading blogs too. I'm thinking of taking up FFS over at Lillies blog again, I miss fiction. Im very well thanks, hope you are too xx

Sarah said...

It is and I do Emma Kate - Somerset is a very beautiful place to live - I'm working on the legs, looking a bit pale at the moment and I need to get out on my bike more but they keep me upright most of the time ;-)

Haddock said...

Even the picture (the second one) is diffused :-)

Sarah said...

I know Haddock - the light in the late afternoon was amazing, everything turned a golden colour, so beautiful :-)

Bron Maxabella said...

These days, Sarah. THESE days. x

Cybele @ BlahBlah said...

Silver teaspoons worn thin with age. Gorgeous, gorgeous pics, words and day x

Sarah said...

I know Bron - just magical :-) x

Thank you Cybele - it was such a beautiful day x