Monday, 4 August 2014

You May Have been Wondering ...

Where on earth I've been ...

Or, you may not ....

God, I must have at least 20 blog posts about the last few weeks but it's just all TOO much so here are some photos instead:

Lulworth Cove Dorset

The path to Durdle Door

My morning view at Burton Bradstock

Sunset over Hive beach

Dinner at Burton Bradstock

Seafront at Swanage

Hot day - freezing sea at Hive

Evening walk with Gus at Longrun Meddow

Sunbathing at Swanage

Lining up for the carnival parade at Swanage

Off for a swim at a much warmer Lulworth Cove

And there has been SO MUCH MORE!!

I haven't even posted any of Woodstoke - a great local music festival OR the party in the orchard BUT, as you can see - I've been busy!!!

I'll try and find some time soon for some words ...


Holly Nelson @ English Girl Canadian Man said...

The best of England! It looks stunning in all pics - but the sunset picture is my favourite!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Look at you in your bikini - hot stuff! All your trips look idyllic. I'd love to visit Lulworth Cove especially. What a great summer we've had so far. We don't get to say that very often do we? Make hay while the sun shines, blogging can wait! xxx

Rollercoaster Mum said...

I know that feeling - no time to write blogs when the sun shines! The pictures look fabulous - lets hope that sun comes back. I remember visiting Swanage on a Geography field trip in the 5th form - would love to go back now and see it properly!

Sarah said...

I had such a great time Holly, I'm very lucky!

You should go to Lulworth is you can Emma, it's a beautiful place and Durdle Door which is just along the cliff path is well worth a visit too!

Swanage is stunning RC Mum, I'm new to it in the last couple of years but it's a firm favourite with me :-)