Thursday, 28 January 2016

Do As I Say (but for god's sake, NEVER do as I DO!)

Does it feel like my bathroom renovation has been going on

F O R   E V A???

I know it does to me but then I'm living it.

In truth it's been a week (or three) but that's partly due to SD having to fit in the woodwork and stuff around work and other commitments and then of course there's paint!

Actually what happened yesterday was entirely paints fault!

I got bored waiting for it to dry and a bored Sarah is a dangerous thing ...

Anyway, when I started the bathroom I decided that I was going to do everything properly and maybe I'd become a decorating expert or something.

I haven't been an expert in anything for AGES although you might remember my expert guide on KissingRelationships - Twitter  - Seduction  (I can REALLY recommend THAT one!) and of course famously Pub Dancing!

So I was going to tell about the importance of the 27 P's (poor preparation thingy) but I couldn't remember half of them because 27 things is a LOT to remember isn't it?

Anyway, mine involved masking tape, good brushes, not the 5 for a quid type I usually buy that shed more hair than SD, Miss Mac and I combined and other useful stuff.

Got to admit I haven't really got the hang of masking tape and I either find I'm left with a big strip that I should have painted or I peel off a load of paint with the tape!

So, I was bored ...

I looked around for something to do ... Remember that a while ago I mentioned there was a little paint peeling on the ceiling so I picked at it and this happened:

I'd kind of been ignoring it because at that point I wasn't in expert/perfectionist mode and I thought that maybe it would just go away or something.

A couple of days ago I decided I really had to tackle it and do the job properly (or just paint over it).

I thought if I carefully sanded the edges then painted it you would never notice.

A couple of hours later I posted this on Facebook:

Yes, that IS an actual photo of me ...

The more I sanded the bigger the bare patch got!

So I painted over it ...

The next morning all the edges I'd painted over had curled back and it looked terrible!

I bit the bullet and started scraping and soon after my bathroom ceiling looked like this:

Bearing in mind that all the other paintwork has been finished and I'm pretty sure you are supposed to do the ceiling first ...

Anyway, not to be defeated, I gave up  (I know, I know!!) and painted over it again ...

Well, it's been slightly more successful if you ignore the loose bits that the roller picked up and spread across the ceiling giving it a slightly textured look and the fact the there is a rather embossed look to it all now with paint of varying depths ...

But, as I said to Miss Mac, you only really notice it if you look up don't you ...

So I've decided not to become a decorating expert for now and I guess those lovely people from Wilko had some kind of premonition or something that I might not be which is why they didn't want to be associated with me and send me loads of stuff to review for them!


joeh said...

Painting is one of those jobs that everyone thinks they can do. Few can do it well. The prep takes so much time and those of little patience (me) can not wait to get to the fun part, slapping on the paint.

Debra Turner said...

You have more skills than me. I would not know how to do a proper job. Painting also takes lots of physical strength. If you've got the time, sometimes watching a how-to video is a good way to pick up a few tips from the pros.

Good luck, Sarah!

Sarah said...

I always start with good intentions Joe but as you say, it all takes SO long and I just want to get on with it. I am pretty good at the actual painting I just need someone to do all the prep for me.

That probably makes me much worse than you Debra because I DO know how to do it properly I just don't do it ... I might check out some videos, see if there are any shortcuts I can take without messing things up too much,

SARN said...

It definitely looks like a bored Sarah is a dangerous thing! Just saying!

Now, stop painting the ceiling, go do something creative with Snippets and come over to Pixie Di's SNIPPETS PLAYGROUND where you will find a load of fellow crafters, some of whom are slightly barking mad. You will find me in the Snippets Playground Tree house testing out new recipes for hooch later. It will be Hooch o'clock around 7pm ok?

PS: Have read a few of your posts and you crack me up! Not sure how you found my blog, but thanks for popping by.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Sarah said...

You are SO wise Sam and after reading this I stopped painting immediately! I found you through Di's blog which I found when she left a message for me on a blogging forum and I saw your tarts knickers comment and knew you were my kinda gal! Tried following you but blogger wouldn't let me - I shall try again so I don't miss out on the Hooch! xx

Di said...

Oh so funny Sarah! I see you and Sarn are bonding over the hooch :-)

Crafting is way easier than decorating for sure. I was thinking though, at one time I think you could buy textured paint. Maybe that would sort your ceiling out? Having said that, perhaps not given that the rest of the room is already decorated. Plus the stress levels would be sky high ;-)


Di xx

Sarah said...

Lol Di, there's a huge difference between your beautiful crafting and my decorating skills. If my decorating were half and good as your crafting my house would be perfect! I think you can buy textured paint still but yep, stress ... ;-) xx

Debs said...

Oh you paint like me!!!!

Sarah said...

I love that Debs - there are probably loads of people like us out there - we should start a club!!!