Monday, 29 February 2016

Back -of-the-Book Blub Friday #3

I know, it's Monday!!

I did actually write this on Friday but I've faffed around with it a bit over the weekend and tried to see if I could get the word count down without loosing the feel of it.

It really is a challenge for me as I tend to be a very wordy person particularly when it comes to fiction but I'm enjoying having to reign back a bit.

This is what Sioux has to say:

  This challenge can be as easy or as sweat-producing as you like.  Your mission--if you choose to accept it--is to write a book blurb for the cover photo below. And you only have 150 words (or less) to do it.

  • You choose the genre of your prospective novel. Is it a mystery? Chick lit? A romance? A sci-fi story? (Well, probably not, with this picture.)
  • Post your blurb on your post... and then link your blog, using the charming Mr. Linky below. (It's really easy. If I can do it, your golden retriever can do it.)
  • Make it enticing. A book blurb is crafted to seduce the reader into buying the book.
  • Check out the other linked blurbs, and leave a comment. You'd be surprised how different our inspiration is, given the same photo.


Mostly they walked in silence. The still air only punctuated by the odd question.

When, where and, more often, WHY?

The questions were met with a mixture of shrugs and sideways glances.

Answers trembled on her lips finding no escape.  Nails digging into her palms as she fought to frame the words.

Ever onwards they walked towards the mountains.  Maybe the answers were amongst the low swirling  clouds.

What if the truth that had brought them together also had the power to tear them both apart?

What hope was there for either of them then?

 (word count 95)

I hadn't decided what their relationship should be whilst I was writing this so I decided to give it a bit of a twist with the title.


Sioux said...

Sarah--Your second-to-last sentence is a cliffhanger. You really said a lot in way under the word count ceiling.

Thanks for playing along. I think doing it every week will help me eventually when I have to write a blurb for a REAL book. ;)

Sarah said...

Thank you Sioux, it's a real challenge for a rambler like me but it's fun. I'll look forward to reading your real book one day :-)

Lynn said...

I really liked what you came up with. It sounds intriguing. I love this line: What if the truth that had brought them together also had the power to tear them both apart?