Wednesday, 6 July 2016

House Guests And Fish

Hello - it's ME!!!

Look at me captaining my own speed boat somewhere in the Med!!!

Actually, I'm not (but, if you close one eye and squint a little it does kind of look like I might be doesn't it ...?).

I'm really standing on Sidmouth seafront taking a selfie.

SD asked me if I'd photo shopped it to iron out all the wrinkles - how very DARE he!!!

No!!!  I have NOT  - and I have not because ...

Well ...  I don't HAVE to because my phone does that for me!

It's got this thing called face beauty mode which I didn't know anything about.  I just thought I was looking bloody hot for a change because (as you will know) I tend to take a TERRIBLE photo but I always blame that on SD.  He's got a serious gift for making me look weird and dumpy.  How the hell he manages it almost every time is beyond me.  I mean the weird bit IS probably down to me but dumpy?  I'm 6ft tall for goodness sake!

Anyway, I NEEDED a decent photo of myself after the week and a half I've had.

I've had my niece staying with me and it's been TERRIBLE ...


You want to know why?

THIS is why people


That girl couldn't take a terrible/weird/dumpy photo if she tried and even giving the camera to SD didn't help (although he still managed to make ME look a little weird ...)

It's just as well I love her so much and unlike fish she would have be welcome to stay much longer and I'm missing her already.

You know, I haven't blogged now for about a month.  I haven't visited many blogs or commented much in that time either so I'm going to pop round to all my regulars in the next few days to see what you have all been up to.

I've been having a great time.

As well as having my niece to stay I spent a weekend at a festival a couple of weeks ago and there was SO much going on.

Crazy guys doing crazy stuff!

More crazy guys (and one crazy girl) doing more crazy stuff on the wall of death
Crazy people with crazy cars

A few crazy paint jobs ..

And a bit of total madness - yes, that IS a real car suspended from the roof ...

And it would be Bad Manners not to mention these guys:

See what I did there??
All that and I haven't even mentioned the kite surfing, the BMX riders, the retro stalls, the bungee jumps, the beer - let's NOT forget the beer ...

What a great weekend!

BUT, the best was yet to come!

A trip to Lyme Regis to get my beach fix:

Then a couple of days later ...

We went to a car show ...

But THIS car show was at a donkey sanctuary!

Who doesn't love donkeys?

The sun shone and it was a glorious day.  We spend a couple of hours wandering around the cars and then another couple walking around the Donkey Sanctuary which is HUGE.  Altogether is spread over around 300 acres and more than 300 Donkeys live there with more coming in each week.

I honestly had NO idea of the scale of this place.  I was expecting a couple of fields and half a dozen donkeys but they have a visitor centre with a great cafe.  An animal hospital.  They do work with disabled and disadvantaged children.  They send people abroad to educate people in other countries in how to care for donkeys.  They have vets visiting from abroad.  There is SO much going on and it's all set in such stunning grounds:

There were fields of hay and fields of donkeys all along this avenue of trees.

I wanted to come and live here ...

This is a small formal garden with lavender beds surrounded by box hedging and a stone wall all around it.  That house is actually used as offices, imagine coming to work here?

I can!
And I was totally serious when I told SD that I want to sell up, move to Sidmouth and get a job in this place - I'm hoping he was equally serious when he said he'd come with me ...

And if that wasn't enough we then spent the final few hours of the day here:

On Sidmouth seafront
Which has the same quaint Victorian feel to it that I love about Budleigh Salterton.

I could live here ...

So yep, I've been a bit busy and really all of these days out should have had posts of their and there may be another one on the donkeys very soon as well as more about Mum, my fat knee, the poo tray and the hair pieces oh, and the frog who lives in a box.


joeh said...

I was going to say you might take a weird picture, but never dumpy...then you said it.

SARN said...

Seriously? You want to move to Sidmouth because of donkeys . . . but you ONLY JUST FINISHED YOUR BATHROOM!

Looks like you've been having lots of fun with a bunch of crazy car peeps.

Carry on the good work.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Sarah said...

I don't know how he does it Joe, shouldn't be possible but somehow it is!

I know SARN, I know - but ... DONKEYS!!!

Polly said...

Hi Sarah. I haven’t blogged for a while, or visited either, I put it down to being out and about plus a little bit of laziness!. That’s a lovely cool photo. Does SD like living dangerously, did you smack him?!! My camera has a similar face feature, I do need to start using it. Sounds like you’ve been having a load of fun times. My mother used to donate monthly to a donkey sanctuary, she loved getting photos and updates of all the donkeys, it made her very happy knowing that she was helping them. I meant to start doing it but never got around to it. Hope your mum is well. Your next post sounds intriguing!

Sarah said...

I forgot to mention the laziness Polly ... SD probably deserved a smack for that comment but he said it so seriously that I had to laugh (and then work out where the wrinkles HAD gone). I HAVE been having so much fun, I've probably done other stuff that I've forgotten about too. I really could see myself working there even if it was just shovelling donkey poo (which actually hardly smells at all) but I think I'm probably more suited to events planning or something so I'll keep my eyes peeled for jobs. Mum is doing really well thanks and back home again now, more on that next time :-) xx

Val said...

That first one IS a really good picture of you...but you just can't compete with DONKEYS!

Sarah said...

I know Val, I KNOW - there really is NO competition. I absolutely fell in love with them they are so gentle and so loving.