Monday, 16 January 2017

I Am Officially GREAT!!!

And it's all thanks to this little bundle of joy:

Well, with a little help from her Mum (my niece) and her husband.

Little Maia my great niece was born at 39 weeks on the 13 January 2017 at  10.08 weighing in at 8lb 1oz.

Now all I have to do is wait until March when they all come back to the UK from New Zeland so I can have my first cuddle.



SARN said...

Of course you're GREAT!

Congratulations. xxxxx

Sarah said...

Thanks Sarn, I'm so excited and so longing for that first cuddle! xx

Val said...

Now that's a NEW baby! She's beautiful.

My mom always said that when she talked about somebody having a baby. They were having a NEW baby. It's not like anybody could possibly have an OLD baby.

Sarah said...

Ha ha, they DO don't they Val, I've no idea why but it's almost impossible not to say it.

Holly said...

Look at her long legs!! She is gorgeous, congratulations to all!

Sarah said...

Thank you Holy, I KNOW, we grow them tall in this family :-)

Brighton Pensioner said...

Well, um, what can I say but . . .great!

Di said...

What a poppet! Exciting times :)


Di xx

Sarah said...

Ha ha, thanks BP ;-)

Isn't she just Di - can't wait to meet her properly! xx