Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Scourge Of The Self Checkoutt (a re-run and and update)

THINGS happen to me!

Now, I'm not convinced (however many people tell me otherwise) that THINGS don't happen to other people too.

You know what?

I'm RIGHT!!!

I saw this today on Facebook:

And it reminded me of a post I wrote a few years ago:

This new craze for self checkout in supermarkets.

Never yet has it given me the 'seamless shopping experience' it promises. Why does it talk to me if it doesn't want me to answer back? 'Unexpected item in bagging area' is the favourite! Why wasn't it expecting it? I just bloody scanned it didn't I? 'Please remove item from bagging area', which one? I have 12!!! ' Please wait for assistance', flashing lights, loud beeping, everyone's looking at me like I'm trying to make off with 3 bananas, a twin pack of loo roll and a packet of custard creams!

My children now prefer not to shop with me, it always ends in (my) tears but, unsuspecting friends still insist I use the self checkout despite my protestations, telling me its so quick, so easy, what can I say MORE FOOL THEM, they learn the hard way.

Sainsburys last week, 'friend' use the self checkout, 'me' no, 'friend' use the self checkout, 'me' noooo, 'friend' use the damn self check out will you, 'me' ok. Five items required three visits from the assistant with their magic swipe card and then, just when you would think nothing else could go wrong, I emptied the contents of my purse into the little change compartment (don't you love it when you do that and the total cost of your shopping is four pounds ninety eight, your change that you've poured in comes to four pounds eleven and you only have a ten pound note to pay the balance, you end up with more change than you were trying to get rid of!).

Anyway, I digress, this time, the machine happily swallowed my money but the screen still flashed, 'please insert coins or notes to the value of your shopping' It had EATEN my money! No flashing light, no beeping, no bloody call for assistance. I stood there jumping up and down waving my arms (my 'friend' long gone) until eventually I attracted the notice of an assistant. Followed lots of head scratching and 'are you sure you put the money in', Yeees. 'I'll just call someone else' and 'I think we need a supervisor' by which time I was hanging my head in shame.

Have you ever seen the inside workings of one of those machines? Fascinating! Ten minutes unlocking various bits, tracing the path my money should have taken, 'are you sure you put the money in', YEEES before finally, they located it. A further five minutes to put the machine back together and then, THEY EXPECTED ME TO DO IT ALL AGAIN!

Since writing this post they have introduced a 5p charge for bags which in theory is a GREAT - unless ...

Well, UNLESS you are at a self checkout.

If you are at a self checkout THIS is what happens:

1. It asks you before you start if you want to purchase any bags and you say no because you've brought your own

 2. but then it wont let you pack directly into them because 'unexpected item' and it thinks you are trying to STEAL a bag

3. So you have to scan everything first and put it on the postage stamp sized bagging area

 4. But stuff falls off because you've piled it so high

 5. So it announces that you have 'removed' an item from the bagging area.

 6. THEN you have to try and pack everything (and all the soft stuff is now on the top)

 7. while you are trying to pack everything without crushing your eggs and bread it repeatedly shouts at you 'Thank you for shopping in (wherever) - please take your items while the huge queue that has formed behind you tuts at how long you're taking!


joeh said...

I refuse to use them, and i believe the store welcomes my decision.

Polly said...

I don't think I have ever used one without having problems. I prefer the human checkout now.

Val said...

I refuse to use them, too, but my son Genius always loved them. The ONE TIME I tried it, he made me do it. Of course there was a problem. Of course the attendant had to come over. I told Genius that when he's paying, we can use the self checkout. So far, it hasn't happened. I wonder if he uses it when he does his college shopping now.

Sarah said...

I think they prefer it when I don't use them too Joe!

I still use them from time to time Polly, I've no idea why - glutton for punishment I guess.

I think it's become the norm for the younger generation Val (gosh - how old do I feel saying that!) so i expect he does.

Di said...

So funny Sarah! And I thought it was only me those speaking machines hated. Give me a surly human any day 😄


Di xx

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness, I thought I was alone in the machine hating me when I use self checkout. You are much funnier than I am in describing it.
Thanks for the laughter

SARN said...

I bloody HATE Tesco and Boots self-checkouts . . . ESP BOOTS as I most often use their checkouts in a hurry in the mornings before work and there's NEVER a problem-free transaction and NEVER an assistant to help. It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FRUSTRATING.

I get along fine with Sainsbury's self-checkouts . . . which is typical as there's ALWAYS an assistant on hand to help on the rare occasion I need it.

Bring back manned checkouts ONLY. Shall we start a campaign?


Sarah said...

Same Di - at least you can argue back with a human!

It's all of us Diane - why do we put ourselves through it??

Lol Sarn, lets do it!! xx