Friday, 21 April 2017

Birthday Boy

It's SD's Birthday today.

SD is rubbish at Birthdays.  Well, at his own anyway, he's pretty good at other peoples.

The thing is he never wants anything.  He doesn't want a fuss.  He doesn't want a cake and he doesn't want presents.

I do not understand his complete disinterest in his own Birthday!

It's so at odd with the way I feel.  I like a fuss, I'd be so disappointed not to get a cake and I love presents.

But it's SD's Birthday so I do it his way.

There won't be a huge fuss although I think we will go out for dinner.

There won't be a cake which is a shame because cakes are my THING, they're what I do to show people I love them.

There will be a few presents.  Things I know SD will like because at some time over the last year he has pointed them out.

But it will be a quiet affair.

Not much of a Birthday at all in my opinion but that's not what counts.  It will be the Birthday SD wants and it will be a happy occasion without all the fluff and glitter that I like.

The thing is, we have LOTS of special occasions.  We don't limit ourselves to Birthdays and other more traditional celebrations.  We have had so many special days over the last year, over the past few years actually.  SD is very good at special occasions when they don't involve his Birthday.

I've picked out a few photos from the past year or so.  There are many, many more I could use and each and every one of them was a very special occasion for us.

Budleigh Beach - this just makes me smile :-)

SD found the perfect car to match his redneck look in Shaftsbury!

Budleigh again - SD doing his poster boy pose - those trousers!  You either love 'em or hate 'em   (I LOVE them!)    

Sitting outside the Logan Rock Inn in Cornwall on a beautiful day last Summer

Shaftsbury again - SD standing at the top of Golden Hill where the iconic Hovis advert was filmed

Us in the Beach Buggy at Swanage last year just before the start of the parade of 30 or more beach buggys through the town

Minehead a couple of weeks ago - not the prettiest of places but the view still looks good to me!

 I'm just happy to be spending his Birthday with him - he's very special you know.


joeh said...

Birthdays are always a big deal to women, not so much for guys...probably has something to do with appreciation of the actual birthing event.

Brighton Pensioner said...

So SD shares a birthday with a Very Important Personage!

Brighton Pensioner said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday to him!

Sarah said...

Maybe that's it Joe. I just don't understand why anyone wouldn't like to be made a fuss of.

He does indeed BP and thank you!

SARN said...

GREAT pictures of himself and happy memories. That's the stuff of life isn't it?



Di said...

Happy birthday to SD! My OH is the same, no fuss please. and I'm convinced it's a 'man thing'. All the same - I hope you have a lovely dinner out this evening - snigger, and do get the place to stick a candle in his dessert then crowd round singing Happy Birthday! :)


Di xx

Val said...

Happy Birthday to SD, but don't tell him. Don't want him to think I'm making a fuss. Those pictures are great! That car is perfect for him! And we won't even talk about his enormous balls on the beach...

Sarah said...

It is Sarn, any day can be special and we have plenty that are. xx

Lol, Di, I was tempted but I did it SD's way :-) xx

I won't say a word Val ;-) - Love that photo of SD's balls (not a sentence I thought I'd ever utter ...).

Holly said...

Hey Sarah, just been having a catch up. The trousers are awesome! Happy bday SD!!

Sarah said...

Thanks Holly, I need to pay a long over due visit to your blog too! xx