Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Purple Donut Of Love

So, how was it for you?

I'm talking Valentines Day here people.  Were you wined, dined, spoilt rotten and showered with gifts??

Or, like SD and I, did you have 'that' chat?  You know the one.  The one where you agree that it's all a pile of commercialised crapola designed to part a fool from his/her money and how you don't buy into that one day a year rubbish because it's far more important to show your love on a daily basis with thoughtful little gestures that show you really care ...

So, Friday morning I opened one eye and checked for the trail of rose petals leading downstairs to a lovingly cooked breakfast served with champagne and a huge bouquet of flowers, heart shaped balloons and intriguingly wrapped parcels.

And ...


Well, that's ok I reasoned, SD really isn't a morning person and I expect he's having my flowers and balloons delivered later and I'm not that fussed about champagne for breakfast anyway.

So I spent the whole day with a heightened sense of anticipation and ...


So I did the only thing a girl CAN do in situations like this - I made bread.

Pounding the crap out of that dough was very therapeutic and I ended up with this:

Garlic and Rosemary bread

By the time SD called round that evening I was (understandably I think) feeling just a little hard done by - after all, I AM the self acknowledged 'best girlfriend in the world' and surely that deserved a little recognition don't you think?

Luckily it seemed that all was not lost.

SD carried a bag out of which I could see a large Dairy Milk box slightly protruding - YAY, chocolates!!  SD put the bag down and said nothing.  I waited patiently for at least 4 whole minutes before asking 'what ya got in the bag SD ...'

'Oh' he said, 'I nearly forgot, I've got something for you'.  I grabbed it from him before he had the chance to say anything else and started to thank him profusely adding that I thought we'd agreed not to buy presents etc and that he really shouldn't have and then I noticed something ...

The tin (for that is what it was, not a box) felt rather light ...

SD looked a little perplexed. ' It's no trouble' he said, 'someone brought in a tin of biscuits to work as it was their birthday and I know you like to have tins around for baking and stuff so I brought the empty one home for you'.

I was slightly overcome with some kind of emotion at this point, not really sure what it was but it intensified when I opened the tin and it still SMELT of chocolate ...

Then I spotted something else in the bag, a RED ENVELOPE!!!!  Now that HAD to be what I thought it was ...  Didn't it???

To digress slightly.

SD had apparently had this conversation with one of his pupils earlier in the day.

'Have you got a wife Mr SD?'

'No I haven't'.

'Have you got a girlfriend?'


'Are you taking her out tonight?'


'Have you got her a card, flowers, chocolate, present ...'

'No, no, no and no ....'

'But you have to at least get her a card, IT'S VALENTINES DAY'

SD was apparently adamant that he wasn't buying me a card so she offered to make me one (which was really VERY sweet of her don't you think?). As they were in a craft lesson SD agreed that she could if she wanted to.

'What's her name', she asked.

'Sarah' replied SD.

She rooted through the stick on lettering.

'We don't have any A's left' she said a few moments later and then, a few seconds after that, 'Or R's'.

SD considered the possibility that having SHH on my card might actually not be a bad idea when she said brightly, 'Does she have a middle name ....?'

Eventually they decided that it might be a little confusing (not to mention suspicious) should SD present me with a card with the wrong name on it and so a little card was written with Sarah on it to stick to the front of the card and then she got to work.


My Card

What's that purple thing I asked SD - That he replied solemnly is the Purple Donut Of Love!  A symbol of my regard for you.  And the pink thing I asked - Im not really sure he said, possibly a heart or maybe it's representational art.  I decided not to ask if the two red balls were representational too ...

And then the Purple Donut Of Love fell off:

Then the pink 'heart':

 and then one of the shiny red balls and now my card looks like this ...

And then I sat on the sofa sniffing my chocolate scented empty biscuit tin for a while before I went to bed.

So, back to my original question:

How was it for you ...?

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joeh said...

I can not bekieve that SD does not know "Don't get me anything" is a test. It really means "Don't get me anything unless you really want to, and you had better really want to!"

And when will women learn that to a man "Don't get me anything" means "Don't get me anything"?

AGuidingLife said...

I got TWO milk chocolate cows. TWO I tell you. Yeah my man knows how to play that Valentines Day thang (read what they had on special at the garage.) I dream, dream of a donut of love and an empty biscuit tin - no, I'm not kidding either of us am I, it was pretty shit, my love, pretty shit! LOL

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

I get the same thing every year.
Him saying, ''Do you want to pick yourself up a Valentines card when you're in Sainsburys? ''

And no. I don't. xx

Kate said...

Oh, I so enjoyed reading that, even though I suspected where it was heading. Hope you have found a good use for the tin…

Becky from BeckyandJames.com said...

No card or any such thing here. Happens every year - I make him one and give him something little (that he loves, like a Lego figure) and make special stuff but it never leads to any form of giving on his part. It's all well and good to talk about it's a commercial day, but when you're not getting the little bits of romance everyday it's kind of sucky to not get them on a day for it... At least that's how I feel!

Life Love and Hiccups said...

Oh I feel your pain chick. I too have had 'THE' conversation with my hubby about not wasting money on each for valentines day and to be fair he does buy me flowers every couple of weeks. But I brought him a card anyway and in return I got zip. zilch zero jack squat. WHEN will they learn that even though we say we dont want anything we really do. I got love letters from my 3 boys though so that made up for it. Buy the way that bread looks DIVINE!!! Thanks for linking up hun xx

Sarah said...

I know Joe - I mean REALLY?? given the amount of girlfriends SD has had you would have thought one of them would have trained him up for me!

Milk chocolate cows K? I'm lost for words (jealous too obviously as it wasnt just wrappers).

Ha Ha Emma Kate, they really have NO idea do they?

I've had a few idea for the tin Kate, I just have to wait until Sd is sleeping .... :-)

It is a bit sucky Becky - most of me really doesn't mind but a little bit of me would love a fuss.

the bread was delicious Sonia and I even shared it with SD even though he was so undeserving - I used to get little cards from the children but sadly they seem to have outgrown that now - never mind, there's always next year to look forward to ... yep ....

MunirGhiasuddin said...

It was great and now my vegetable basket is full of chocolates and heart boxes.

Sarah said...

Hmmm, maybe I should have said that it becomes a retorical question if you did get spoilt on the day ...

My nice side is trying to say 'how lovely' (and other nice stuff) but it's being repressed by my bitter, sorry for itself side who wants to know 'why not meee'. ;-)

E. said...

I'm a bit late to this but I must admit I really was wondering whether the purple donut of love was going to be a sex toy.

Sarah said...

Lol E, one of several suggestions as to what it could be or SD could do with it - I'm not sure anyone knows exactly what it's meant to be :-)