Monday, 3 November 2014


I've been pondering STUFF lately.

Like - How come the varnish on my finger nails looks like crap within 24 hours of painting them but the same stuff on my toe nails remains unchipped for 3 months ...??

How does SD still manage to have a full head of hair when he sheds EVERYWHERE!

I was going to write a post about our trip to Cornwall last week (and I still am) taking my inspiration from Mike over at A Bit About Britain who writes fascinating and informative posts about his travels around Britain illustrated with beautiful photos, I WAS going to write a proper GROWN UP blog post but there are a few things I need to get off my chest first ...

So, Cornwall ...

I LOVE Cornwall and I'm so lucky that SD shares that love and we escape there as often as possible.  I'm also lucky that Cornwall is so close as is the North Devon coast and Dorset so really are spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches!

Last week we packed our bags and headed for Newquay and our first stop was Watergate Bay.

SD is a little sniffy about Watergate, he remembers it from the 80's when it was a beautiful, unspoilt haven for surfers with just a shack on the sand selling dubious coffee.

Since Jamie Oliver 'discovered' the place it has, as SD remarked, become inundated with middle class, padded welly wearing, designer dog walking gobshites.

I stopped to pat a couple of really cute doggies racing along the beach and asked their owner what breed they were.

Cavelier King Charles crossed with Poodles apparently, Cavadoddles she told me although as one proceeded to take a huge dump by my feet I did reflect that maybe King Poo might just be a more appropriate name ...


Photos are a must to document our every adventure so I asked SD to take a pic of me:

Nice one SD!

Let me try again he said - just climb up on to that rock and I'll take a photo of you sitting on it ...

SO much better don't you think?

It was such a beautiful day, hard to believe it was the end of October so we decided to drink our coffee sitting outside on the balcony of the beach hut:

Yes, this really IS a hut - just ask any of the middle class gobshite ;-)
Image credit

Unfortunately the balcony was, for some inexplicable reason, closed and when we asked if we could sit outside we were first met by a slightly perplexed look and then politely directed to the far end of the hut (seen on the right of this photo) to the 'inside/outside' dining area.

We sat down and looked around ...

It was remarkably warm and quiet for an outside seating area by the beach ...

The whole fecking place is enclosed by glass complete with a roof in the winter!

We got a takeaway coffee and sat on the beach ...

We spent our first night high up on the Pentire overlooking Fistral beach in our favourite guest house run by Nicki who is completely mad and unfortunately couldn't have us for more than one night due to the fact that she had new flooring being laid in the dining room the following day and had to kill her cat at 10:30 ...

After a fantastic pizza at Tad and Nicks we wandered around Newquay drinking Doombar in various pubs ending up at the Red Lion before heading back up the hill to bed.

Breakfast the following day was enlivened by a mother and her small son who must have been no more than 2 years old and who with his gorgeous tufts of jet black hair, coffee coloured skin and endless chatter reminded me how special and exciting every moment is when you are small.  After finishing his huge cooked breakfast he slipped down from his seat and toddled over to the table to pick up a jar of marmalade for his toast.  The jar slipped from his fingers and rolled under the table.

'Oh for FUCKS SAKE' he muttered as he crawled under the table to retrieve it ...

It was almost impossible to believe it was the last day of October it was so warm:

Look - SHORTS!!!

We spent the day shopping, drinking coffee, walking on the beach, more coffee, more shopping, drove over to Porth to walk on the beach there and then did a little more shopping before booking into our new guest house on the far side of Newquay.

Walking down to town that evening we passed this:

is it me or is there something a little 1970's pornographic about that sign?  

No?  It's just me ...?

Well, what about THIS then?

I'm not sure why you would have this kind of erection outside of a dental surgery ...

Obviously we HAD to have dinner here after that:

Senor Dicks ...  Seen Your Dicks ...  Geddit ...?

The new Guest house was called The Pines and very nice it was too.  Lovely rooms, great breakfast, heated pool, snoring guest in the next room and surrounded by pine trees hence the name.

SD parked the van under one of them in the car park and the next morning we came out to find this:

Seriously??  What the hell do they have nesting in those pines - bloody ELEPHANTS???

There's more but this post is already getting long and I expect you are ready for a cup of tea or something by now (god know, I am!) so I'll tell you the rest another time.


Brighton Pensioner said...

I don't have any trouble like that with my nail varnish. Maybe it's the superglue that does the trick?

Mike @ A Bit About Britain said...

I tried superglue and had to wait for my skin to shed before I could hold a fork or was allowed out of the house again. Really enjoy your posts - thank you! And thank you for the mention!

joeh said...

About those pictures, that is pretty much what men see first...sorry.

Looks like a nice vacation.

Oops, that would be, seems like a lovely holiday.

Sarah said...

Super glue you say BP? Why don't I know this stuff!!!

According to Big D you shed your entire skin every 24 hours Mike so you'll be ok as long as it's not a school night.

Sometimes Joe I think that's ALL SD sees ... - It was a lovely holiday thank you (and you may say vacation here if you like and I'll carry on correcting your spelling of tyre :-)

Holly Hollyson @ Full of Beans and Sausages said...

Great photos of you on the rock! Jealous of the doom bar :( as for the nail varnish - that totally happens to me too! My parents bought a cocker poo (cross between cocker spaniel and poodle) and when they got it the owner said 'Well, we think the father was a poodle, but she did get out to the rottweiler too' and when Mom told me I said 'So would that make it a cock rot?' We should perhaps be put on some committee expressly for the purpose of inventing dog breed names?