Monday, 5 September 2016

Cornwall - The Most Beautiful Place On Earth ...

That's a fairly bold claim isn't it?

But you might just have to concede that I have a point when I show you some photos.

Like this one

Or even this one

Penberth Cove was where we spent out first full day of our Cornwall holiday and, as you can see, it was a BEAUTIFUL day!

SD and I cycled from our campsite at Treverven just outside St Buryan situated 250 feet above the sea where we woke up to views like this each morning:

The campsite is situated right on the cliff path, if you turn to the left you can walk to Lamorna and if you turn right the path will take you to Porth Curnow the sight of the famous outside Minack Theatre as well as the historic submarine communications cable station.

It was while we were walking to Porth Curnow a couple of years ago that we stumbled upon Penberth Cove a place that very quickly became my favourite place not just in Cornwall but in the whole world.

The cove still supports a small fishing fleet of about 4 boats and they fish for lobster, mackerel and crab.  While we were there one of the boats came in from a fishing trip:

And was hauled up the slipway (known locally as the cauance) by an electric winch:

In days past they would have used the spectacular capstan which dates back to the 19th century

I've told SD that when I die I'd like my ashes to be scattered at Penberth because it's the place I feel most at peace in and I'd like to be surrounded by it's beauty in all eternity.

(SD's not so keen - he said it might be difficult to visit much so he's suggested he keeps me on the dashboard of the van and just takes me down for a visit a couple of times a year ...).

There really is very little in the way of amenities at Penberth which suits me just fine as it ensures that it never gets very crowded.  In fact there were more people there on this visit than I've seen in the past, a total of about 10 people ...

There is no shop, there is no cafe, there are no amusements - there ARE some very well kept toilets however which is all you really need when everything else is provided by nature,

Well, except food and drink but we brought plenty of those with us in SD's rucksack (somehow I'd forgotten to throw mine in the van when we left Somerset so I couldn't carry any of the supplies ...).

We spent the most glorious day scrambling across the rocks:

One of SD signature 'gratuitous ass shots'!

Sunning ourselves on rocks:

Taking photos from the rocks:

SWIMMING from the rocks (and yes, it was BLOODY cold!!)

Before heading back up the hill (and there are MANY of these in Cornwall).

Past more lovely thatched cottages

And the freaky giant Rhubarb like plants Gunnera with their hideous, fleshy (and possibly flesh EATING!!!) flowers.


For a very welcome pint of Doombar the flagship ale of Sharp's brewery founded in 1994 in Rock, a small fishing village near Padstow in Cornwall.

SD is a BIG fan of Doombar:

Then it was back up ANOTHER hill to Maudy the Monza our tiny little 10ft caravan for the night to eat from the excellent kitchen on site - and it really is just a tiny kitchen with a serving hatch and a small outside dining area but they serve the most amazing home cooked food (and cakes!!) before watching the sunset and the stars appear one by one and then suddenly in their thousands in a way that you never see unless you are lucky enough to be somewhere with no air pollution before settling down for a blissful dreamless sleep of the exhausted before another fun filled day.


Brighton Pensioner said...

I can't understand why I have never really taken to Cornwall. I agree that there are some extremely beautiful spots (and some less so!) but the county has never really 'spoken' to me. My loss, I know.

Sarah said...

Oh it IS BP, it really is!!! I do kind of get it though. We are very selective about the parts we visit although SD is a big fan of Newquay which is hard to explain unless you stand on the beach with your back to the town. The moorland can be very bleak although the tin mines are impressive and many of the towns have turned into tourist traps but by the time I've finished my holiday posts you will be won round ;-)

Di said...

Oh fabulous Sarah! Wonderful photos there - I see you included the Copenhagen mermaid pose as well as Cousin It from the Addams family. Must have been crowded in Maude then?

I love Cornwall, although it always seem to rain when we go - you certainly got some wonderful sunshine for your holiday!


Di xx

Holly Hollyson said...

I agree - Cornwall is the most beautiful place on Earth! I love that stretch of coast - your pictures are beautiful!

Sarah said...

That's my signature pose Di ;-) - You will see it again when I'm perched on the edge of a cliff trying to look all calm and cool but in reality I've crawled to the edge because I can't stand up and I'm TERRIFIED! Love SD's new look! I'll let you know when I'm next down so you can book something, it's ALWAYS sunny when I'm there (well, mostly ...)

Sarah said...

Thanks Holly, such a shame you couldn't make it over this Summer (but for such a GOOD reason) - hope the photos make up for it a little. x

Treey Stynes said...

I've been to St Ives a couple of times and I loved it. Cornwall is definitely somwhere I'd love to visit. No amusement arcades was definitely a bonus.

Sarah said...

St Ives IS lovely Treey, we didn't visit this year but we spent a great day there last year visiting the art galleries and watching the sunset over the harbour as we ate the most amazing stone baked pizza. There is never enough time to visit all the places I was to see each holiday.