Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Dave D

I know I haven't been around much so this is just a really quick post!

Sorry, things have been non stop and tomorrow we are off to Cornwall - can't wait!!!

Just a quick snippet that I wanted to share ...

A couple of weeks ago SD and I did 3 car boot sales in one weekend (that's selling, not buying).

We didn't make much money but it was a lovely weekend and one was by the sea so all was not lost.

One thing that really made my weekend was bumping into Dave D.

SD and I both know him independently from waaaay back - Dave D was ALWAYS out.

I've always liked Dave D although I've always refrained from posing for him in his photographer days when he often asked me to model for him topless because 'clothes get in the way of ART doncha know' - I suspect he's asked SD to pose for him as well.

Dave D has always been notoriously unlucky in love, in life, in almost everything really.

The love bit is pretty easy to explain - everyone thinks Dave D is gay because he is incredibly camp and they assume that he's in denial.  Maybe he is, I'm not sure but I have to confess to never feeling particularly tempted or special when he asked me out because to be honest, Dave D asked EVERYONE out in those days.

Anyway, it was lovely to see him when he stopped by to say hello.

Dave has a slightly mournful and self depreciating manner and was clutching a small plastic bag of slightly tired looking broad beans.

'It cost me a quid to get in and a quid for these - I think I've just bought the most expensive broad beans in existence .... - think I'll cut my losses and go home ...'

Two hours later as we left to go we passed Dave looking even more mournful in the car park.

'Bloody vans broken down and the recovery service have told me it's going to up to another 2 hours before they get here' he said sadly still clutching his beans.

'They guys here want to lock up so they are going to push me out on to the road and the toilets have been closed and I'm dying for a pee ...'

Poor Dave D - it seems his luck never changes ...

Anyway, I'll be back properly in a week or so with plenty of tales of Cornwall so I'll catch up with you all then and get around to reading what you have all been up to.

Have a great week!!!

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Holly Hollyson said...

I think that I have probably met a few characters like Dave. Your are so good at building up characters when you write!