Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Seconds Away – Round Two!

The cups were soaking, the first load of washing was on the line, the second in the machine.

It was time to go BACK IN!!!

The trick is (I'm sure) to have some kind of method. An order in which you clean things which makes it all come together and gets it done in half the time.

Method and order are pretty much alien to me . I put it down to a low boredom threshold, I need variety.

No shortage of that here!

What needs doing most I thought and I'll start there. Well, the carpet, although now visible, was covered in bits of fluff, paper, string, buttons (you get the picture). Actually, I didn't really examine it THAT closely, it was just covered in a multitude of crap.

So, vacuuming it was to be.

I love my Henry, I've had him for about 20 years and he's still going strong. In all that time all I've ever had to replace is the hose last year. He's picked up everything from builders rubble to well, crap (although not ACUTAL crap you understand).

I have got a super duper Vax thingy with a light on the front but frankly, compared to Henry it's a real wimp.

Which was why when I turned Henry on and made a start I was horrified (and a little scared) when there were three loud bangs in quick succession! I hurriedly switched him off and went to investigate.

Again, BANG, BANG, by now I really WAS scared, Henry wasn't even switched on for god's sake!

Ah, it turned out to be the fun snaps that Master Mac and I had bought on April fools day. We'd spent an entertaining afternoon wandering round town dropping them in our wake making people jump.

I vacuumed one corner of the room before deciding that the skirting could do with a clean and then hmm, the walls needed a wipe down then there was this box full of 'stuff' that needed investigating.

Yes, I need a method, I need to be told which order to do things in ….....

I opted to opened the box. As I did a disembodied voice growled at me, 'You Will Not Survive'

Shit I though shutting it hurriedly, is that a SIGN??? May be I should get out while the going still relatively good.

Having just discovered a little pile of something that's either toenail clipping or rice, I kind of wish I had.


I'm So Fancy said...

Poor Henry! What a fright he must have had! That's why I give our Henry his own room. We need to surround him with calm. :-)

Sarah Mac said...

My poor old Henry deserves his own en suite with a hot tub the battering he gets.

Maybe that could be my new venture, Spa days for Henrys (and their owners of course!:)