Tuesday, 13 December 2011

My Shitty House Strikes Again!

Some people would consider me lucky to own my own house.

(Well, I WOULD actually own it had I made some different decisions about 15 years ago. As it is the bank still own almost half of it).

Today, in fact MOST days I envy people who rent.

People who can pick up the phone to a renting agency or landlord and say, 'the bulbs exploded in one of the bathroom spotlights and I can't get the rest of it out' or 'the tumble dryer and the dishwasher are knackered' and out comes a man who can to fix things.

Yesterday was a really good day.

The children and I laughed and joked all morning until they went off to school with smiles on their faces.

The sun shone in the morning and Gus and I went for a romp in the park.  Gus was joined by Coco, the fattest chocolate lab I've ever seen but with whom Gus is totally in love.

I met the lovely L for coffee in town and Big D joined us.

I came home and cooked Shepherds Pie for tea (the children's favourite) and we cracked open the Quality St and watched the Christmas edition of My Family.

All was well in the Mac household.

And then BANG - everything went off.

Something had blown the trip.  It was dark, it was cold,  It was blowing a fucking gale outside and lashing down with rain.

We stumbled around in the dark unplugging everything and repeatedly trying the trip switch but no, it kept flipping off again.

Then I heard it.

Drip, drip, drip.

My shitty roof is leaking again and water was coming through the landing ceiling.

I HATE that fucking roof!

A couple of years ago it developed a leak and brought down part of my bedroom ceiling.

Well, fine, I had insurance so I called them up.

I would say they sent out a jumped up little twat but tbh even if he had jumped as high as he possibly could he wouldn't have made it to my shoulder.

Very small men either love me or hate me.  No idea why.  Either delusions of grandure (in stature) or an inferiority complex I guess.

Anyway, this one hated me on sight (despite two cups of effing tea and biscuits).

He went half way up the ladder to the loft (which meant his head was barely level with the hatch) got out his wind up torch - yes, I said WIND UP TORCH with a beam that a candle could have put to shame and pronounced the roof in bad repair and therefore NOT covered by insurance.

This despite the met office confirming gales the night before.

FUCK YOU insurance company for taking my money for over 20 years and sending a slimy little toad round to squirm out of coughing up.

So I forked out for a temporary fix and applied to the local council for a grant.

Well FUCK YOU TOO council.

Apparently my roof wasn't bad enough to warrant a grant to sort it.  Having been in place for over 100 years it had up to 5 years left before it completely fold and buries our bodies under the rubble!

So, that leave me with a roof that the insurance won't fix, the council won't fix and I can't afford to fucking fix!

Well, the electric inexplicable started working again.

This is either a good thing meaning that not much of the electrics got watered OR a bad thing in that they are working despite being wet and at some point the whole frigging house is going up in flames.

I decided not to take any chances and stayed awake all night listening to that bastard wind and rain lashing down.

Today I am tired and cranky and I want to burn the bloody house down myself and cut out the middle man!


pam said...

It absolutely infuriates me the way insurance can wriggle out of things. You know, it might be worth putting everything in writing, dates and times of calls and the opinion of the council and either pursuing it with the insurance yourself -threatening to involve your MP- or calling trading standards or an insurance watchdog group. In my experience, persistence pays eventually with shoddy services. Do not be afraid to tell them that you won't be leaving it there.

Kelloggsville said...

I'm with you sister, the other thing renters do is say things like 'oh we've decided to live in Paris for 3 months, the rents the same and we're home workers any way' well fuck you renters. and do you know what we'll pay twice becuase they'll go straight into a nursing home for free whereas I'll hav eto sell my house to pay for my own bottom wiping. (PS I'm in a really good mood - is it showing?!)

E. said...

That sucks. Well apart from the power working again.

I hope today is better for you.

Romina Garcia said...

Before you burn it down make sure you get and insurance company that actually pays. Geez they can be fuckers can't they? Hope your day got better!

Mrs BC said...

That fucking sucks! Can you go to the ombudsman? Maybe he can sort it out..
I don't know why my email link isn't working for you, I'm blaming your insurance. Email me at lbc01 at optusnet dot com dot au
Can't wait for your rant!

Fiona @nlpmum said...

At least if the house burns down you'll be covered by the slimey friggin' insurance company... might be the best option, then you can rent! Friggin' pisses me off that you can pay the fuckers for years and they can then tell you you're not cover - so like, you've probably never been covered so refund the dosh you've been taking .... right! 'cos it wasn't paying for anything... then you could pay to have the roof fixed. Insurance is the biggest waste of money... unless you scam them. Bloody ridiculous.

Catherine said...

I hate hearing this kind of thing happening to you! But I know you're one tough chick so I would raise holy hell and call the insurance company and give them as much of your mind as you can spare. It's bullshit- paying premiums and then getting nothing back. I'd want much more definitive proof as to why the roof is in 'poor repair'. You should have beat him with his torch.

Jayne said...

That is utter bullshit, Sarah. They're all the bloody same too, so it doesn't seem to matter which insurance company you use either. Slippery bastards.

Kelloggsville said...

Popped by to say hi. Hope you are ok. Ready for Christmasand relatively leak free (in the roof, the other leaks are beyond repair no matter how must you kagel) so happy Christmas and best wishes for the new year. Speak soon xxx