Saturday, 19 May 2012

Kittens For K

By request - some photos of the kittens (especially for you K :)

Excuse the aftermath of the birthing in a few - everythings been cleaned up now and, in a couple of days when Tilly is more settled I will be moving them into the lovely basket she ignored in favour of having them in the emergency cardboard box beside the sofa!

Big D's hand makes them look sooo tiny! - kitten no 3

kitten no 1

kitten no 2

please try to avoid looking at my scrotty nail varnish - I'd been decorating as well as attending the birthing! ;)

kitten soup :)


Kelloggs Ville said...


Been thinking about getting another kitty. Love them.

E. said...

Very cute.

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Oh. my. GOODNESS. Look at their little faces! They're adooorable!

Sarah said...

Me too K, Imay need to keep one of these ;).

Aren't they just E!

I know, I know Corrine, tiny little bundles of fluffy loveliness (I am suffering from kitten brain, please excuse me ;).