Friday, 25 May 2012

Shhh, Dont Tell Surfer Dude ...

Yesterday late afternoon SD called round to see if I fancied a few hours out of town.

The weather here in the UK has turned freakishly hot in the last couple of days.  Temperatures hit about 26 degrees yesterday and the thought of getting out into the countryside was something I couldn't resist.

Leaving SD tinkering on the lawn with  bits of engine which may have belonged to a motorbike, beach buggy or any number of projects he seems to have constantly on the go Gus and I headed off down the country lanes.

I can't believe I left my camera at the farm.

It was glorious!!

The hedges were full of cow parsley, bright pink campion, poppies and great swathes of sweet smelling hawthorn.

The only sound was birds singing and insects buzzing (although one little bastard did bite me!).

Walking on the shady side of the lanes Gus and I had such a lovely walk.

Back at the farm we lazed around on the lawn drinking tea and eating cake.  I can't remember the last time I felt so at peace and relaxed.

SD went for a spin on his bike (far too hot for me to even think of getting togged up in leather!) leaving me to amuse myself for a while.

BIG mistake SD ;-)

This was the opportunity I'd been waiting for!

Dotted around the farm house are various photos of SD and his brother growing up and, as you know, SD has banned me from posting photos I've taken of him, possibly suspecting you will steal his likeness and create a voodoo doll or something (did I mention what a techno Luddite he is?).

He's never said I can't post photos that OTHER people have taken though ...

There are some crackers that he would kill me for posting when he was going through a New Romantics stage (think skin tight leather trousers, white shirt with the sleeves ripped off and, in a few I think I detect a hint of eyeliner - VERY Adam Ant!  :).

This one though I couldn't resist:


Anonymous said...

Psst - your secret is safe with me

Lou :-)

Kelloggs Ville said...

Doll is made, pins are poised!

Sarah said...

Thanks Lou, I knew I could rely on you.

Keep it poised K, next time he suggests boxing the kittens up and posting them to Peru (which I didn't find funny the FIRST time), I shall let you know.

spring days, new growth said...

He's gorgeous!

Sarah said...

He is a bit isn't he ;-)

spring days, new growth said...

hey Sarah, do you know what has happened to Write on Wed- i cant get onto the blog atvall?

Sarah said...

I don't know what's going on with it - I tried a couple of days ago and got the message that it was 'by invitation only' - Im assuming Gill hasn't meant to apply this and I've emailed her direct - haven't had a reply yet but will let you know as soon as I do.

spring days, new growth said...

Thanks Sarah, I've emailed her directly as well, but no reply. Hope she's OK, can't imagine she'd fold inkpaperpen like that!