Wednesday, 21 November 2012

It Never Rains But It Pours!

Have I ever told you how much I adore SD's parents?

No?  Well I do.

His Mum reminds me of Mrs Goggins from Postman Pat (but don't tell SD I said that ok ;) and his Dad is the most laid back person I've ever met who wanders around whistling tunelessly which irritates the hell out of SD partly I'm sure because it's very clear where SD gets HIS musical (in) ability from.

Anyway, they have kind of taken out a timeshare on Gus (that's my border collie for those not in the know).  Now I adore Gus and I miss him when he's not around but there is no doubt that he loves spending time on the farm and who could blame him?

Not only is there a log burner (I just have boring central heating) but he has his own cushion, has meals cooked especially for him (Sunday roast is his favourite), gets to wander all over the countryside AND, if that wasn't enough, SD's dad has built what can only be described as a mini gymkhana in the garden for him.

Like I said to SD, Gus is like the grandson he failed to provide them with.

SD's Mum always likes a nice photo of him in a frame for Christmas but I suggested this year she might prefer one of Gus ....  Seriously, I think she might!

Anyone who lives in the UK knows what crap weather we've been having over the last few days.  A months worth of rain in a few hours in some places today and it's causing chaos.

Somerset has been particularly hard hit although after torrential rain last night and this morning we did have a beautiful afternoon.

It wasn't until Miss Mac came home form school telling me that the school has almost closed due to 15 teachers not making it in today that I thought to check the news.

Bloody hell!  Complete devastation all around me!  We are practically an island with alerts on all the local rivers.  I'm a little ashamed that I was totally oblivious to this not having talked to anyone today and not having watched the news.

I then had a phone call from Jon (he of the big barn conversion who held the hippy party).  He was phoning me from Nigeria where he works on an oil rig.  It seems the barn has flooded and his wife and son are cut off in all directions.  Was there any way that SD and I could get through and help in any way.

So I phoned SD who was at his parents house ....  which apparently has also been flooded ... and there is more heavy rain forecast for tomorrow ...

So I'm in a quandary.  A mother and young son stranded and there is no way that most things are going to get through the flooded lanes to them.  Even SD struggled to get to work this morning in his 4WD which sits about 2ft higher than the average car and goes through pretty much anything and a couple of pensioners who are not going to be able to so much more than mop up when the whole of downstairs needs clearing out and cleaning before they can think of trying to dry the place out.  How the fuck they are going to managed THAT with just the log burner I really don't know!

It's a no brainer really so tomorrow I'll be spending the day at the farm and then, if at all possible, going over to see what we can do to salvage things over at Jon's place.  Christ, they have sweated blood building that place and only moved in this summer after two years of living on site in a caravan.  The solid oak flooring only went down about three months ago.  I can't imagine how heartbreaking this must be and how frustrated Jon must be being so far away and unable to help.

Who knows what's in store over the next few days.  A couple more inches of rain and the school will close.  The football pitch is already a lake and the very large pond near the reception area is about to spill over.  The main park in town is under 2ft of water and the road is closed to the next town.  The river that runs right through the heart of town is on red alert and if that bursts it's banks ....  Well, lets just say we aren't out of the firing line just yet.

Hmmm, well, enough scaremongering, it hasn't happened yet.

One of the things they will do to try to alleviate the problem is to open to flood gates and flood the Somerset levels rather than the town.  The trouble is this brings all sorts of associated problems.  The farmers on the levels are still recovering from the floods in the summer.  The ground is already saturated and the levels are a protected area full of wildlife.  The villages on the levels are already flooded and the land just can't cope with any more water.

One day at a time I guess.

Lets see what tomorrow brings.  One thing I'm fairly sure of is that it's going to be lots of hard work and wading through shit.

Deep joy ; -)

See you on the flip side.


The Rambling Pages said...

That sounds awful, we live not far from York which has similar problems with flooding but thankfully we are too landlocked to see anything so horrendous. I hope there's no more rain for you x

Sarah said...

Thanks RP - there is more rain forecast. Chances are we will be ok where we are if the river doesn't rise too much more. Right now Im trying not to dwell on us too much and see what we can do to help other people who actually have got problems. I'll keep you posted x

Kelloggs Ville said...

I have a brook running through my garden - it is right on the edge of the bank now. Any more rain and my garden will start to fill, it's been many years since that happened. The ground is full, each rin just sits on the top. Dreading the first snow melt. Good luck down there xx

Sarah said...

Good luck to you too K - it's raining again here although not too heavily at the moment. Been scaring the shit out of myself trawling the news chanels as you do ;) xx

joeh said...

Now I understand your photo of clear skies.

Doing a NO rain dance.

Good luck to all!

Anonymous said...

Wow Sarah...Hope you guys are doing ok and keeping fingers crossed that everything stays that way!

Big Hugs

Sarah said...

Thanks Joe - can you keep dancing a little bit longer :)

Thanks Lou - we are ok at the moment - others not so and more rain and galeforce winds forcast. xx