Monday, 10 December 2012

Famous Last Words

It's a little after 1am and by rights I should be tucked up in my nice warm bed

I love my bed with it's pocket sprung mattress, it's feather filled pillows covered in cosy flannel pillowcases and my light as marshmallow duvet encased in it's crisp blue and white striped duvet cover.

You'd have to go a long way to find a comfier place to be than my bed on a cold winters night.

And yet, here I am, bare foot and cold.  Kitten on my knee and a cup of tea by my side contemplating life and love and wondering if I'll ever make any sense of it all ...

About a week ago I happened to mention to a friend that I rarely get colds,  that in fact it had been years since I last had one.

Famous last words indeed!

The very next day I started sneezing, no other symptoms just sneezing so I ignored it.

The following day, sore throat which I also ignored.


That evening somebody replaced my blood supply with concrete and took a sledge hammer to my limbs.  They also fitted me with some kind of invisible crash helmet or something so everything sounded muffled like I was under water.

My eyes started weeping, my nose constantly ran and my lips were cracked and dry.  The bastards even sandpapered my skin!!!

For the last four days I have felt like 10 different kinds of shit but today, today I started to feel a little better.

My hearing suddenly came back, my nose stopped running and my temperature which had seen me refusing to turn the heating on or wear more than a vest top and joggers for days returned to somewhere near normal (apologies to those I refused to believe, you're right, it IS bloody cold!).

I was SO looking forward to bed tonight.  I'm a bit anal about my bed.  Clean sheets at least twice a week and everything just so (you'll never see a lump or bump in my duvet :).

I had a crafty kind of day.  The year 9's are running the Christmas fair at school this year as part of a project.  They have been given £10 for each stall and the idea is to make money (or at least not lose any).

Miss Mac and some friends have decided to go with the 'guess the teacher from their baby photos' competition.

Now I am slightly ashamed to say that I'm just a little bit competitive when it comes to things like that.  Every year without fail Miss Mac won the Easter Bonnet competition.  It wasn't just about the winning (honest!!!) I just love all that stuff.

I'm not convinced that they have thought this thing through properly or that it will be much of a money spinner BUT I do acknowledge (much as it pains me) that this is all part of the learning process and I needed to butt out.

So I have ....

Kind of ....

I just suggested a little sideline for the stall.  I mean, that's ok isn't it?  I'm letting them do their thing their way (ok, I helped a little with the poster but that's all).

Well, I had a lovely afternoon making Reindeer food and fashioning a sleigh out of a shoebox with lots of wrapping paper, glitter and tinsel to put it in.

Best of all I had everything to make it from here so it didn't add to their costs and hopefully the kids will like it after all, who doesn't like reindeer food???

I'm wandering a little here aren't I?

The reason I'm not tucked up in a self satisfied smug cocoon?

This bloody cold which I thought I had knocked on the head has me wheezing and making a weird kind of crackling noise every time I lie down and every 30 seconds I have to sit up just so I can breath.

It seemed easier to come down and waffle on here for a bit although how much sense I'm making dosed up to the eyeballs on a combination of paracetamol, Benylin and hot toddies I'm not really sure...

I do need to get some sleep though as tomorrow I need to have my wits about me because Double D has invited me out for a spot of stocking filling (at least I THINK that's what he said ...).


Anonymous said...

I'm sure he plans to ward off the nasty cold with a plate of steaming sprouts and liver - Everyone knows its THE best ever cure......

Love you :-)

Sarah said...

Contemplating double D after less than 3 hours sleep was hard enough without THAT image Lou (fortunately I love you too ;) xx