Monday, 3 December 2012

Time Warp

It's been a helluv a weekend - my feet have barely touched the ground!

On Friday a call went out from the Hairy Bikers that the place to be was the Plough ...

Last time I went there it was called Harpoon Louis and it was a restaurant.

We'd had a works Christmas meal there and to be honest, I thought I might still be banned!

I'd just like to point out that it was a blanket ban and it wasn't anything I'd done ok!

Anyway.  It hasn't been on my radar since and I didn't even know it had been converted back to a pub.

It's hard to resist the HB's even though most of them aren't so hairy these days and some of them don't even have bikes anymore (but that's always been my name for them and it's kind of stuck).

I ummed and ahh just a little but had my arm twisted by the news that The Man from Funkle were playing.  Not my absolute favourite band although technically they really are very good.  A little too much 80's dance going on for my liking when I was far more into Punk in that era.


I swear to god I walked into an 80's time warp.  Seriously.  There were people there I thought had died!

It's not a big place and it was heaving.

I stood at the bar and looked around and there was MB.  I don't think I've seen him for about 10 years.  I used to have a bit of a thing about him way, way back and he looked just as gobsmacked to see me.

He'd started on the real ale a little early and by the time we got there (fashionably late) he was in effusive overdrive comparing me to a fine wine that's improved with age ect  Actually not a hugely flattering analogy but hey, he tried.

SD was on top form giving me the lowdown on all the people he knew from the past.  He has an endearing tendency to give me a all the details on someone who then generally turn out to be someone completely different altogether.

We were standing talking to an old friend of his and his wife (who obviously SD couldn't introduce me to) about the days he used to do landscape gardening and how he then moved into teaching.

Suddenly, like a bloody jelly fish she came out of nowhere and said to SD, 'so you're not as stupid as you look then'!!!

I don't know if she was trying to be funny or clever or what - I think she was just bloody rude!

I was tempted to say, 'I don't suppose you're as fat as you look, you just don't have any friends to tell you how big your arse looks in those leggings' - but I resisted ;).

For the record, SD isn't and doesn't look in the least bit stupid!

We sat down and chatted with the HB's who are hilarious when this random woman threw herself onto SD's lap.  I have to say, the women in there that night weren't at all slow at being forward!

Seeing SD totally helpless to do anything about it without actually tipping her on to the floor (which he is far too well mannered to do) was the best entertainment any of us had had all night.

Saturday ....  Do you know, Saturday is a complete blank!

I've NO idea what I did on Saturday ...

Nope, it's gone ....  If it comes back to me I'll let you know.

Sunday was the Christmas Cruz.

A gathering of several hundred VDubbers, Hotrodders, Bikers and Classic car enthusiasts in Bristol followed by a cruise through the town ending up at a big social event.

It raises a huge amount for charity every year and it's a final (forgetting final fling) chance to catch up with some people before next Spring when everything kicks off again.

Sunday night ....  Hmmm ...

Well, I WAS supposed to be heading back up to Bristol to see the Dickies and the Damned but Sunday night means I have childcare issues so I had to give it a miss which I'm gutted about.

Not helped by the world and his wife plastering what a good time they were having all over FB.

One last thing.

Those phone calls....

Well, I had another one over the weekend.  I'd left my phone at home by mistake yesterday and when I got home there was a missed call from an unknown number.  The call actually came on Saturday according to the phone log but I didn't get a notification until yesterday for some reason.

I was all for ignoring it still.  Not that I can do much else when it's an unknown number.

I do still have the number that wasn't witheld and I keep picking up my phone to ring it and then not doing it.

When my phone rang with a withheld number this morning I was surprised at how it shook me up.  Seriously, I was almost too scared to answer it!

But I did.

Bloody recorded message asking me if Id thought about a personal pension!!!

I think the best thing is to ignore it if there are any more.  I'm really pissed off that I'm wasting so much time dwelling on it.

I still can't be sure that there is any connection between the calls and I'm starting to wonder if I didn't just imagine someone calling me a bitch.

It could just be the result of my overactive imagination (ok, not entirely convincing myself here).

Anyway, life's to short to waste time worrying about that kind of crap and I've decided that tomorrow is the day I start putting up my Christmas decorations although if FB is anything to go by I seem to be leaving it rather late!


joeh said...

Saturday was actually pretty boring...you didn't miss much.

Sarah said...

Thanks Joe- I suspected as much!

Kelloggs Ville said...

Mine are up! Come on, come on.

Sarah said...

Oh god, the pressure!!!

Ok, you win, I'll dig them out tomorrow. :-)

E. said...

I'm still not even thinking about Christmas stuff. However the two neighbours at the top of our driveway and toe others across the street have more than enough Christms cheer and lights for us as well.

With the wine comment, some wines age so well they are worth $,000. I'd be taking it that way. You just keep getting better with age.

Anonymous said...

Saturday was really boring. It rained all day and there was zilch on the telly!

Are you seriously going to join the masses and put up Christmas dekkies THIS early? Noooooooooo

I always put mine up a few days before the big day and then make sure they are down before 12th night. Don't want to tempt any bad luck by overstepping THAT tradition.

Only 12 days until the big move now. You are most definitely cordially invited to visit and stay at any time, however I am not paying for flights.....Free accomodation is my thing but that's all. You will need to find your own spending money too....lol

Have a fab day
Big Hugs
Lou :-)

Sarah said...

I keep seeing photos of people decorations all over FB E - it makes me panic!

I think that is what MB was trying to say about me in his own drunken way. It was more the fact that he kept repeating it that amused me.

I should learn to take a compliment shoudn't I ;)

Not done it yet Lou - spent the morning guerrilla gardening in the rain and hail and have decided that I really need to shampoo my front room carpet this afternoon.

I don't usually put up the decs until the second weekend in December but everyone is doing it so early this year!

May be I'll compromise and do Miss Macs bedroom as a surprise for when she get's home from school tomorrow.

So exciting about the move and I'll definitely be out when and if I can thank you! Don't forget you always have an open invite to stay here too.

Have a wonderful day xx