Saturday, 2 February 2013

Just Messin'

Because no one really reads blog posts over the weekend do they?

I've been playing around with some of my favourite photos - editing - layering - changing the focus -  using curves etc and no, I don't really know what I'm doing (you can probably see that )  but it's fun and I'm learning.

I added some curves to this one (whoa, they are tricky suckers to work with!)  - it's not quite how I wanted it but it's getting there.

I love this photo (shame I can't lose that bloody gazebo and plastic chairs though) I've used several layers and I really like the way this looks now.


Didn't do that much to this one other than change the colour to sepia, crop it slightly and soften the focus (voila, no wrinkles! ;)

This bowl of paper roses sits on my bedside table - their original colours are cream and a very soft green - I've just made it black and white and focused on the rose at the front, softening the rest of the photo (although I wonder if I should have expanded the shot and chosen the rose beside the bowl ....?)

I messed around with this one for a bit and then decided that you really cant improve on perfection - I LOVE this photo :)


Anonymous said...

Love your pics Sarah, and yes I am reading blogs at the weekend...Might even find some time to write a post for mine if I am lucky!

Love & Hugs

joeh said...

The table and chairs in the garden has a "Monet-ish" feel!

Kelloggs Ville said...

why can't you lose the chairs and gazebo? I feel a challenge.

Kelloggs Ville said...

I've just taken out the chairs and that, but I've lost your email address (again) - ping me a mail and I'll send it back to you :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Lou - hope you do find the time to write, I've missed you! x

Thanks Joe - it does a little doesn't it? I love the original photo (probably should have posted a before and after) and it's fun messing about with overlays.

Thanks K - Love what you did with it, thank you! I've had another play with it too using cloning to get rid of them - this is fun :)