Friday, 9 August 2013

A Photo For Friday

A couple of days ago a friend of mine said something about SD being pretty near perfect - after I'd finished laughing hysterically at this misconception I thought I'd write a post listing all his really fucking annoying habits little foibles just in case y'know that I've been perpetuating that myth or something ...

It was going really well and I was up to about number 37 on my list of things that SD says/does that are annoying to a lesser or greater degree when I thought that to be fair, I really ought to make a list of my little foibles too to give a balanced post.

Ok, so I'm now outstripping SD on about a 2 - 1 ratio so I've dumped that post because it's not interesting, or entertaining and can't possibly be accurate can it?

There is NO WAY SD is less annoying than me, I HARDLY EVER annoy myself for god's sake! (and I don't bite my nails ...  or write lists ... just saying ...).

I do bake though.

I had an urge earlier in the week to make Chelsea Buns - no idea where that came from - I've never made them before - can't remember the last time I ate one and they don't contain chocolate - most confusing!

Anyway, I gave in to the urge - looked up a recipe - added some grated apple to the filling because I buy apples religiously every week and end up feeding them to the chicken the following week - topped them with some cinnamon icing and ...


Actually really bloody lovely!


Alice Shaw said...

HI there, I've just come across your blog so I don't know who SD is but those chelsea buns look absolutely fantastic...I feel I need to make a batch right now!

Feisty Cat said...

You can bake for me any time, foibles and all!

P.S. It's foibles that make us interesting.

Sarah said...

Hi Alice - sorry I've been so slow to respond to your comment! SD is My partner (Surfer Dude) - the buns were great - let me know if you did make some :-)

Lol FC - I'd love to bake you some and mostly i love SD foibles (apart from the nail biting and list making of course :)