Saturday, 17 August 2013

It's Getting All Passionate Over At The Lounge!

The Lounge is being hosted this week by one of my favourite blogger, Sarah at Slapdash Mama and the theme this week is PASSIONS.

What to include?  Where to start?  More importantly - where to STOP??

One thing I'm very passionate about is this:

Please don't make the mistake of thinking this is just an ordinary saucepan.

THIS my friends is my scrambled egg saucepan!

This pan is only and shall always only be for cooking scrambled eggs in.  It shall never contain beans, peas, meat or rice or anything else that might contaminate the flavour of my lightly scrambled eggs (the cooking of which I am also passionate about).  Anyone violating it by using a metal spoon rather than a wooden one is liable to be shot on sight (or shouted at very loudly at the very least!).

Moving on swiftly ....

To be honest, I'm passionate about many things.  Anyone who's read much of my blog already knows about my passion for the beach, for live music, for spending time at the farm with SD, the sun on my skin, for sunsets, my new found passion for cycling, for cooking and more specifically baking, for throwing myself into things without thinking and for accidentally exposing myself to my neighbours (something I have avoided doing for several months please note ;).

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I'm not a thinker or a planner - I'm a grab an idea and run with it as fast as I can kind of person leaving chaos in my wake but I'm having lots of fun along the way.

I'm passionate about my local community - about holding it together and investing in it's future when the world seems so transient and people drift in and out seemingly without a care.

I'm passionate about my photography most of which is taken on my phone because I'm too impatient to set up the camera and I just want to capture the moment.

I'm passionate abut fun and laughter and it's a rare day that doesn't see me laugh until I cry.

even when I have mad hair and the angle makes my bum look huge!

I'm passionate about the people I care about because without them the rest would be meaningless.

I'm passionate about passion - it makes my world go round.


joeh said...

You need to get more passionate about nude sun-bathing in the yard again!

Your Neighbors.

SlapdashMama said...

I love it. You are indeed a kindred spirit xxx

Sarah said...

Lol Joe - Im sure that's exactly the kind of thing they would say if they read my blog ;-)

We are one NS ;-) xxx