Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Sour Apples

The Bramleys have started to fall from the tree at the farm - it's too early - from the outside they look perfect, acid green and waxy skinned but they aren't fully ripe.  Inside the flesh is white and hard with a tartness that makes you screw up your face as it brings tears to your eyes.

I'm cooking them with plenty of sugar and cinnamon and adding handfuls of blackberries from the freezer left over from last years glut.

There are always ways to make the seemingly unpalatable slightly sweeter.

I'm not just talking about apples of course.

I'm not going to wax all poetic here (although you know I could ;) - you've got the analogy, I don't need to keep pushing it.

Yesterday could have been like munching through a bowl full of unripened Bramleys. If I were a superstitious person I might have suspected I'd got my dates mixed up and it must surely have been Friday 13th.

I posted an update on the Fudge Facebook page entitled 'Cheer You Up Tuesday' (because Tuesdays need a little help) - it's something I may or may not continue every Monday depending on whether I remember ( a little like my other initiatives really :) - for those who read this but haven't liked Fudges Facebook page this is the sketch I posted from Not The Nine O'clock News just because it makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it:


I'm not going to go into huge detail about yesterday - suffice to say it contained several impressive bangs (not all of the good variety) - a forklift truck - a tonne of gravel - an exploding gearbox - a severed wheel - a ruptured tyre - a shit load of stinging nettles and a lot of shovelling.

A series of unrelated events and incidents that left me scratching my head and thinking - WTF???


Whilst I was running around stringing garlic around the necks of black cats and adorning myself with them and propping ladders against walls so that I could carefully walk around them SD made me a strong cup of tea, brought me a sugar covered donut, sat me on a bench in the sun and calmly started to sort out the mayhem.

Things ain't great - The trailer's pretty knackered (but it can be fixed) - the van's pretty knackered too but again, it can be fixed ...  for a price ...  probably a pretty high price ... and not in time for us to go on holiday as planned on Thursday ...

But SD's working on that too - there are ways and means and yes, we may have to amend our plans - we may not be able to do things quite how we wanted to - we may not venture as far as Sennen and Lands End and we may not be able to take Maudie the Monza with us - but we can still have fun - we can head for North Devon rather than Cornwall and we can sleep in a bloody tent or book into a B&B - We shovelled that tonne of gravel by hand between us and soothed our aching, nettle stung legs in the bath last night as we shared a bottle of wine because we're a team and we're still smiling.

Life is never all sour apples.


The Rambling Pages said...

So true, together it is amazing what you can face and come through stronger and smiling, every cloud has a silver lining as they say - hey it may rain all week in Cornwall but Devon has an uexpected heatwave and then you'll be thanking the exploding gearbox and broken trailer, and nettle stings for changing your plans :)
Hope all is OK with you, been meaning to email but I'm crap! Also busy juggling work and holidays with the boys and not doing too bad a job if I may say so myself x

SlapdashMama said...

It feels a bit like it to me at the moment though. Can SD come and fix things for me too?

Sarah said...

Things are mostly fine RP and even if we don't get to do things as planned I'm sure we will have some fun. Lovely to hear from you and glad things are going well. Catch up properly when things are less hectic x

I know the feeling NS - without SD's calming influence I'd be a wreck right now - he's one of life's fixers so Im pretty sure he could help fix things for you too - I'm not sure how he stays so calm when it all turns to shit - the wine helps though ;-) - sending you a big hug x