Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Quick Crafting

Yesterday was Miss Mac's first day of work experience.  It's hard to believe that she is so grown up!

She was very fortunate to be offered a placement at a local college working in the small animals unit.

I got several texts from her saying how much fun she was having feeding the donkeys and then later making scrambled eggs for the Armadillos!

I wanted to do something for her as a surprise when she got home, a kind of 'well done on your first day' thing.

I really enjoy making things and, as I've mentioned before, Miss Mac and I have slowly been turning her bedroom from silver and turquoise to one with a slightly vintage theme.  Many of the things she has have to stay so I've been adding little touches like these:

A wooden heart that I decorated

A memory box made from an old shoe box

More decorated hearts

All of which were fairly simple and quick to make using some pretty vintage style crafting paper, glue and some careful cutting out.

I like my crafting to give fairly quick results, I'm far too impatient to work on large projects that take weeks or months but I don't mind fiddly and painstaking.

As you can see, the theme also includes hearts because I do love my Miss Mac SO much!

A couple of weeks ago I picked up this wooden heart in a frame from a charity shop for £2:

It's already really pretty AND has a vintage print 

But, although I really liked it as it was it didn't fit in with her bedroom so:

I turned it over

Removed the heart from the frame

Picked the paper I wanted
Traced around the heart

Glued the paper on

Edged the frame with some of the other paper
Cut out a small label for the top

Being careful to mitre the corners

And voila! -  I'm not sure it's an improvement on the original and it's certainly not perfect (partly due to that extremely 'helpful' kitten getting involved) but it does fit in with the other things we have made for her room.

In case you are worried that you've somehow strayed on to the wrong blog here don't panic - I am not and never could be a crafting blog (so many people do it so much better than I ever could) and there is a far more 'Fudge' like post about Miss Mac first day of work experience to come soon


Holly Nelson @ English Girl Canadian Man said...

Are you kidding? This is awesome! I love the heart theme and the bunting. Most of all, the wooden decorated heart, it is amazing!

Sarah said...

Thank you Holly :-)