Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Summer Time

At 6:30am this morning I was in the garden watering the plants before it gets too hot.

The temperatures soared yesterday and today is set to get even hotter.

The water gushing from the hosepipe made a beautiful rainbow arc over the garden and you could practically hear the dry soil soaking up the moisture.

So much is happening all at once - the entire garden has burst into life.  Pots are filling out - the jasmine is a riot of tiny white flowers that fill the evening air with a sweet, sweet scent.

First thing in the morning and last thing at night are my very favourite times in the garden:

I can't wait until the fruit begins to form on my tomatoes

This is the first time I've grown cucumbers

Miss Macs pride and joy - an apple tree that she grew from seed three years ago and it's really taking off this year.

Not the best photo but see how smothered in flowers my Jasmine is!

I'm still struggling a little to find the time and the energy to blog properly with so much going on but I do have things I want to share so soon ...


Angela Weight said...

Your petunias are gorgeous! I might need some of your gardening expertise here in Virginia.

Sarah said...

Aren't they lovely Angela - I'm no expert gardener, I just water them lots and they seem to like it :-)