Thursday, 23 March 2017

Your Once, Twice, Three Tmes A ...

Pain in the arse!!!

I know, I know, you thought I'd gone all Lionel Richie on you for a moment there didn't you?

Fear not, I'm still far more Punk than Funk!

My niece is down for a few days but better than that she had brought her brand new baby with her.

Oh my God she is SO adorable that I've COMPLETELY forgiven her for making me a Great Aunt.

She is so adorable that I've also so far completely forgotten to take any photos, too busy rubbing my cheek against her head and squishing her little body against mine and SNIFFING her.

My niece is pretty adorable too so when the subject of Easter came up and we got to talking about Hot Cross Buns and she asked if I would make some I foolishly said YES.

It's YEARS since I've made Hot Cross Buns and I forgotten that there was a very good reason for that.

I'd actually forgotten how to make the things too so I googled it.

And I broke my golden rule when cooking ...

NEVER pick the first recipe you google!

There are dozens of different recipes for the buns.  What I should have done is read a few and pick the easiest - after years of creaming butter and sugar together I discovered the all in one Victoria Sponge recipe and not only does it make the best sponge it's so much easier.  I should have remembered that!

But no, I picked the one that said:

1. Make the dough (I won't give you all the details of what goes in them).

2. Kneed the dough.

3. Prove the dough.

4. Knock the dough back.

5. Prove the dough for a second time.

6. Cut and shape the dough into buns.

7. Rest the dough.

8. Prove the dough for a THIRD time.

9. Make a paste for the crosses on top.

10. Pipe crosses on the thrice proved dough.

11, Bake the buns.

12. Glaze the buns with warmed golden syrup (a new one on me, I've always used apricot jam before)

Two and a half fricken hours later I finally had Hot Cross buns that I could have bought for a quid at any supermarket, a kitchen knee deep in flour and bits of dough setting like concrete on my kitchen counter!

I'd like to say that on the plus side they taste far superior to the shop bought ones but the truth is I'm not sure (after all that bloody work) that they do ...


Di said...

Ha, ha, ha!! They do look delicious Sarah - but I admit to giving up making Hot Cross Buns many years ago. Peeling a bunch of grapes might be preferable? Bet the house smelled fabulous though?!


Di xx

Sarah said...

Like Christmas in March Di :-)but I don't think I'll be in a hurry to make them again!xx

joeh said...

After you make the dough why do you have to prove it? It's dough, you made it!

Love hot cross buns haven't had them in years. Don't they also have raisins and mince or something?

Oh yeah, be careful you might catch baby fever.

Di said...

I have a solution! Buy some from a shop but then light a candle or melted wax thingy scented with 'Christmas Spice' :) Sprinkle a bit of flour about the place, couple of streaks on your face and away you go! x

Val said...

I've never tried a Hot Cross Bun, but these make me want to!

Sarah said...

I know Joe, and I had to prove it THREE times!!! They do have dried fruit in them and dried peel and mixed spice (which is why they smell like Christmas). Oh, and too late, I've definitely got baby fever!!

I could do that couldn't I Di ... ;-) x

I can't imagine never having tried them Val, they are so much a part of my childhood. It's weird isn't it, there are so many food stuffs that you talk about that I've never tried either. I think you'd like them, they are a little like a spiced fruit loaf.

SARN said...

MMMMmmm, you've made me feel hungry now!

I had a . . . wait for it . . . SALTED CARAMEL hot cross bun this morning! Tesco will jump on any trendy flavour bandwagon. I'm only surprised they haven't got them in PULLED PORK flavour.

Yep - would definitely follow Di's advice for that "home made" feel! She's very wise!

No, no, nooooooo . . . not baby fever at 51? Surely not!????


Sarah said...

I've SEEN those Sarn!!! I think if you don't think of them as hot cross buns they would taste delicious!! Pulled pork will definitely be next! M&S do them with cranberries, yum!

Di is VERY wise :-).

Baby fever - I'm at risk ALL the time from that! xx