Friday, 22 June 2012

K Is For ...

Feeling really bloody Krap still and completely unable to deliver the promised post.

It's also for K who has now had 2 sleepless nights of anticipation ;-)

And of course, K is for Kittens!

While I spend a little more time feeling sorry for myself  I thought I share a couple of pics of the kittens who are now 4 weeks old and causing complete chaos (I know, who'd have thought I'd notice the difference!).

Anyway, I'm giving this krappiness one more day of my life which I shall spend curled up on the sofa with cups of tea and a selection of DVD's before it's time is up.  I have a weekend to enjoy and this thing is not getting in the way dammit!



Kelloggs Ville said...

They have such ickle tails. Ickle, ickle tails.

Take care ad take your time, I bet the story I made up in my head is way more.......debauched!

Sarah said...

Feeling lots better K - and yep, I dont doubt your version is more debauched ;-).

Claire McLean said...

Hope you feel better soon. Lots of tea is what I prescribe!

Rollercoaster Mum said...

awww cute Kittens - they're so funny when they're little! I'm sure they have helped cheer you up :)

Anonymous said...

nothing better than a cuddle with a kitten!!!