Friday, 15 June 2012

Things I learned (and know) this week

I'm stealing this idea from from E at Whining at the World (I have also mostly stolen her intro too ;)  E stole it from Allison Tait who, as you probably all know, blogs a Life in a Pink Fibro. While Allison is busy packing to leave the Pink Fibro, she needed blogging motivation so she borrowed the idea from Maxabella.

Well, I need blogging motivation too.  I've lost my way a little, blogged a little of the dark and the deep which obviously scared a few people as I seem to have lost 3 followers.

The bottom line is that I needed to decide if I wanted to carry on blogging and, if I did, what direction was it going to go in?

Well, I quite like the way Fudge used to be and I quite like the person I used to be too so I've had a bit of a shake up in the last few weeks.  Got myself back on the right track and here I am, back to telling you about all those damned 'things' that just seem to happen to me :-)

While I get my blogging head back together I thought I share a few things that I've learned or know because you know what ... ? 

You might just find they come in useful some day ;-)

I'm also going to link up with Dorothy from Singulair Insanity for Things I Know.

1. Frogs contain copious amounts of frog juice - I learnt this last year when Bear (the cat of little brain) left half a frog in my kitchen - I also leaned at this point that a grown man will, given the choice, prefer to deal with half a frog rather than a mofo live slug whereas a teenage girl is quite happy to flip that sucker straight over the fence into next doors garden (you can find the full story here ;).

2.  Poking yourself in the eye with a mascara brush really bloody hurts - discovering later in the day that your brand new mascara comes with a built in light is great but not so great if you discover it by thinking 'oooh, what does this do' and shooting a laser beam straight into your remaining good eye!

3.Muff is apparently spelt with 3 f's - I would attempt to explain how I know that but I feel it may incriminate me.

4.  If you are stupid enough to go off roading in one of these:

Then be fully prepared not to be able to turn your head to the right for the next 3 days.

5. I am possibly the least insane of all my friends (which really is very disturbing).

6.  Never offer to carry 2 takeaway coffees on a windy day when you are wearing a short dress.

7.  Bread apparently talks to some people (see no. 5)

8.  Delusions of vodka may soon be a recognised medical condition.
9.  I actually dont look too bad in a bikini but as I live in the UK the chances are that no one but me will every be a party to that fact.

10.  There are many people out there who write far more insightful, meaningful and sensible lists than me but the advantage of putting them in a blog post means that I can't lose, doodle on or eat them so mine still have some value.


Kelloggs Ville said...

Strimmed frogs are very juicy and you are not sane #justsaying

Ps I was not one of the 3, but I've been waiting for so long I'm gasping for a cuppa

Sarah said...

Fortunately I don't have any grass so strimming frogs isn't something I have to worry too much about ;-)

I would have to worry about anyone who thought I might be sane to be honest and it is concerning when some of my friends make me appear so.

Very glad you weren't one of the 3 - no idea who they were but I can't honestly blame them.

You must be parched, it's a long time between cuppa's, I'll get that kettle on asap! x

Emma said...

I've just joined so you've got another follower! And I'm so glad it's not just me who has existential blogging questions.... Love your blogxxx

Sarah said...

Thank you Emma - how lovely to have a new follower, just the boost I need to get my act back togather :-) xx

Anonymous said...

you make my laugh! love it xx