Tuesday, 2 October 2012

I'm Cool (but sometimes I'm hot ;)

The observant amongst you may have caught a post I wrote yesterday.

Those of you who missed it, well, it's back in draft which is possibly where it should have stayed all along.

I've been combining a lot of things lately, playing hard (yes, I will at some point tell you about that) - working hard, thinking hard and amongst all of that I've been struggling with that bloody insomnia and a disturbing lack of appetite.

I have a tendency to over extend myself and to not recognise my limitations.  Now, that's not always a bad thing, it means that I'll give most things a go but it does also mean that I sometimes find myself frustrated when I can't achieve the goals I've set myself and I will exhaust myself both physically and mentally trying to.

Amongst all of that I sometimes lose sight of the things that really matter. 

On Sunday I was sideswiped by some news that I had.  In some ways it was more the delivery of that news rather than the actual content that shook me.

Anyway, now that I've had a little time to think about things I can see that this news isn't actually as ... hmm, trying to think of the right word here - bad isn't quite right and devastating is certainly an over reaction.


I wrote yesterdays post after very little sleep and it attracted comments from a couple of my favourite bloggers, K from Kelloggsville  and Car from End'o the Road, both left really lovely comments and they made me think.

Later in the day I was reading through a few blog posts when I came across one from E at Whining at the World - E has given me the Liebster Blog Award - now how's THAT for timing?  On a day when I was seriously questioning if I had anything to give the blogosphere not one, not two, but THREE of the people who's blogs I love and who I have grown to know over the last 18 months or so give me EVERY reason to carry on.

Thank you so much :-)

It also reminded me that, rather shame fully, I never did properly acknowledge awards passed to me many months ago by Lou from Sunny Side and Joe from Cranky Old Man - of course I said thank you and I promised to follow them up with posts which I never did get around to writing.  No excuses for that and I'm sorry, it shall be done as will the one for E because I really do appreciate the faith you show in me!

I guess it made me realise that although I may doubt myself from time to time, I probably do have something to offer.

I guess I'm not just 'anybody' after all ...

I'm me, 'scatty with a hint of madness' - a little flakey at times - an unpredictable redhead prone to highs and lows but life is never boring and, as long as anyone wants to read about those damned 'things' then I'll carry on writing because one thing I'm sure of is that they will keep happening with me around ;-)


Kelloggs Ville said...

Sometimes you just got to work these things out by talking through them. I guess the blog space is just one big listening wall and mainly the people that will comment will have something nice to say. It's a useful vehicle, a blog. Pa how's your pussy? (Now anyone that didn't catch the deleted post will be really wishing they had!)

Sarah said...

Ha ha, wont it just K ;) Pussy is still causing a little concern (although the use of power tools WAS averted!)but I'm sure it's just a matter of time and patience.

I guess that is all part of what a blog is about but hitting publish isn't always the right thing to do (alhough despite the fact that I've since removed the post it probably was right for me).

I think I've made progress in lots of areas in the last day or two (early days I know but Im off to a good start).

I think I might actually know where it is I want to be going now and I know how to get there, I'll keep you update ;) x

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I know about the pussy situation otherwise these comments could be a trifle disturbing....

I have faith in your finding direction Sarah - you always seem to and this is a good thing.

Blogging wise I am struggling - I have so many started but unfinished posts, but then my world has been upside down and inside out for the last 3 months and I am hoping to now resume some kind of normality.

We will plod on as always - please at least try to block off the pussy. Power tools should always be a last resort and only for the very desperate!

Lou :-)

Sarah said...

Lol Lou - agreed ;)

You have so much on your plate right now I'm surprised you manage to blog at all.

Love the photography wesite so far! x

Feisty Cat said...

Hey Sarah,

I read yesterday's post and I am happy to see that it is in draft and you are back at it again. I would seriously miss you and your scatty madness ... just thought you should know.

Feisty Cat

Sarah said...

Thank you FC - god, I'm sitting here struggling with words again ... It means a great deal to me that you let me know x

Jazzbumpa said...

Well, this is just as enigmatic as hell. Sorry I missed the now-departed post.

Anyway, good luck with whatever is going on.

Your hair does not look red in the profile pic.


E. said...

Hey, Sarah. I did see that post briefly. When I went to comment it was gone.

I hope you get your words back, soon. I miss reading you regularly. Maybe if you do give up blogging you can shoot me an email every now and then so I can keep up with you and your adventures.

Sarah said...

Thanks JzB - I do have a tendancy to be a little enegmatic from time to time ;) - It was a pretty sad little post written after very little sleep and it's best it's gone.

My hair looks much darker in the picture I know but there's plenty of red in it (I wrote a post last year called My name is Sarah and Im destined to be a redhead :).

I will keep in touch E, don't think I'll be giving up the blogging just yet, every time I think I might someone or something reminds me just how important it is to me. My award post is in progress and hopefully out in the next couple of days. x

The Rambling Pages said...

Well I totally missed the post about your pussy but then I have been absetn for around 3 months (oops) - I am not sure what your draft post was about (other than a pussy) but if I have the jist right (and I often get it wrong), you were thinking about giving up. As I've just said I have had a 3 month break and it was actually a little message from you I came across last week saking if all was OK as you hadnt seen me around much recently that prompted me to come back - so hope that makes you feel better. It was lovely to see someone had missed me and cared!!

Sarah said...

RP, it's so good to see you - I have MISSED you!

I was thinking of giving up or at least taking a break but several things made me realise that I was just being reactive and it isn't the right thing for me to do.

Im glad you got my message and I hope it means that you are going to start blogging again.

Thank you so much for your comment, it really does make me feel better :) x