Friday, 19 October 2012

Let It Be SD

SD has one or two OCD tendencies, remember the sock saga?

He's very much 'a place for everything and everything in it's place' kind of guy totally at odds with his Surfer Dude appearance and generally laid back attitude.

Me?  Well I'm more 'an under everything there is something' kind of girl.

It's not that I'm particularly messy.  If I look around right now I'd say my house is fairly tidy.  It's 8:30 on a Friday morning and the beds are made, the breakfast dishes are washed (although not dried) and there's a basket full of washing ready to hang out on the line.

But, in addition to that there is an eyeliner and and lip gloss on the table next to the sofa, a pair of Miss Macs school trousers hanging over the back of one of the dining room chairs and a jumble of things, keys, earrings etc in the blue glass bowl on the Merchants Chest.  These things do not offend me.

Miss Mac has a habit of leaving a trail of possessions in her wake.  School blazer tossed on a chair, bag dumped on the floor, books scattered over the table.  This also doesn't particularly offend me, eventually they make their way to their rightful place.

Remember the kitten who lives behind the fridge ....?

Well, in the last few days he's obviously decided that we aren't planning on sticking him in the slow cooker and having him for tea and he's become more adventurous.

Here he is sitting on the coffee table while I type just a couple of feet away (yes that is a little pile of DVDs next to the telly that should be put away ;).

He's starting to behave like a normal kitten which means that everything is a toy to him.
Last night Miss Mac left a box of pencils amongst a jumble of things on the dining table and the kitten took a flying leap knocking everything onto the floor.
SD and I were drinking coffee in the front room at the time and I would have quite happily left the kitten to play until Miss Mac came down and tidied up her own stuff.  I could see SD getting a little twitchy at my slovenliness but I ignored it, I feel it is my path in life  to temper his compulsions so I ignored him and carried on chatting.
However, when I went to the loo I came back to find him scrabbling under the table, picking up the pencils and putting them in something.
I watched with some amusement as, putting the last pencil carefully away, he stood up and they all fell back onto the floor.
SD looked with some consternation at the red and white spotted 'pencil case'   in his hand trying to work out what was going on.
The look of horror on his face when he realised he was in fact clutching a pair of Miss Mac's boxer style pants was priceless.
Somehow I don't think he's going to be so keen to tidy up for me in future ...

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Sandra said...

You know Sarah, you and I sound very similar in that respect...I spent years panicking if anyone turned up unannounced, greeting them at the gate and making it damn obvious that they would not make it inside my "messy" home, but as I got invited into other people's homes I realised I'm really not that bad.

Like you, certain things don't worry me (eg my kids' uniforms hanging on the back of dining room chairs) and I would much rather spend my time doing other things...reading blogs, drinking tea...