Monday, 15 October 2012

Thinking Aloud

I've been thinking a bit about how I blog.

I think erratically pretty much covers it these days ;)

Last count I had 27 posts in draft dating back over several months all in various stages. Most of them don't deserve to see the light of day to be honest so I may have a clear out but there's some good stuff amongst the dross which just needs a little work.

In the last few weeks I haven't managed much other than the weekly Five Sentence Fiction posts and while I enjoy the way they really make me think, it isn't really what I and Fudge are all about.

Anyone who's been following my blog for a while will know that I have a theory that's based around those 'things' that I do and that happen to me.

My theory is that 'things' happen to everyone, not just to me.  All I do is try to find the humour in them and tell you all about them.

Obviously I'm not the only person to do this,most of you have your own blogs and own stories to tell but in general, the funny stuff that happens to people just doesn't get heard.

So, back to my posts in draft.  My collection of stories that haven't been heard.  I'm going to do a little revisiting, see what I can salvage, remind myself and you that these things still happen and that I can still see the funny side of life.

And what about the future ....  Well, what I'd like to do is to carry on with FSF, it's a great discipline for a rambler like me and, at the same time, I'm going to try a weekly update on what Ive been up to with special 'guest' posts for anything that deserves a space of it's own.

Finally, I found a great humour blog through some convoluted blog hopping which has a limerick challenge every week.  I love a bit of poetry and limericks suit my style so I'm going to give it a bash every now and then.

I think a bit of structure is what my blog needs, actually, not just my blog but me as well so let's see how it goes ...


Kelloggs Ville said...


Anonymous said...

Structure splucture........sod it and be damned!

The reason your blog is so enjoyable is because it is you - if you go and start structuring things you'll go insane and the whole lot will blow up!

Embrace who and what you are - because you are truly magnificent, and don't go changing something that isn't broke.

I think you get my point....asking you to structure yourself and your blog, would be like telling me to stop dancing in the supermarket - it should never happen and god forbid it ever does!

Long live us crazy buggers - for we are what makes the world a truly wonderful thing!

Nuff said!

Lou :-)

Sarah said...

Lol K, thanks ;)

Ha ha Lou, and there's me trying to be all sensible and grownup ... Never going to happen in reality is it? I'm just too scatty. Hmm, ok, I'll stick to being me then but I will make an effort to get some more posts out of draft. Thank you lovely x

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

I'm so glad you discovered my humor blog and my weekly Limerick-Offs. Thanks for joining in with your fun verse! I hope you'll be a frequent participant!

PS Did you find me via my post about Nobel Prize winners and chocolate? I ask because "fudge" is in the name of your blog. :)

Sarah said...

Hi Madelaine - I found your blog through someone who joins in with Five Sentence Fiction (but I cant remember who it was!).

I enjoyed writing the limerick and Im sure I will be back for more.