Friday, 19 July 2013

A Photo For Friday

Rewinding with Maxabella.

'Mum, I've been stung on my bum!!' - for a moment I was captivated by the beautiful simplicity of the poetry in Miss Macs sentence.
Yesterday evening Miss Mac and I 'helped' SD do some tidying up at the farm.
We cut the hedge surrounding the lawn (well, SD did ...) - we built a bonfire (ok, SD did that too ...) - we cut down great swathes of cow parsley in the paddock which has become slightly over grown since the demise of the goat and the defection of that bastard sheep (SD might have done most of that too ...) But we DID help, honestly!!!
Miss Mac decided she liked pushing the wheel barrow around transporting the hedge clippings to the bonfire and I captured those precious moments on film which would otherwise have been lost forever - really, as I'm often forced to point out - SD is VERY lucky to have us!!
It's been hot here in Somerset, its been very bloody hot and I love it ( bet you thought I was going to go all English on you and moan about the weather then didn't you? ;).
Anyway, it was great to be out in the countryside and Miss Mac and I were obviously unsuitably attired for working in short shorts which is how she came to alight on some stinging nettles.
I immediately swang into efficient mummy mode and, snatching up  a handful of dock leaves I grabbing Miss Mac around the waist, bent her over and started rubbing vigorously at the white bumps appearing on her derriere.
'Mum, I CAN DO IT MYSELF!!' she yelled ( I may have taken her slightly by surprise ....) - 'rubbish' I said - you can't see your own bum can you?  I continued rubbing with some very dried up leaves which, on reflection, may not actually have been dock leaves at all - I contemplated the rather withered, disintegrating green stuff in my hand before shrugging and getting back to the job in hand.
The really good thing about country folk is how they always appear to be completely unfazed by anything really.  As the farmer from next door appeared around the corner to see me with my daughter in a headlock, rubbing her bottom with a handful of dead vegetation while she struggled in vain to free herself he just tipped his head our way and muttered ' nice evenin' forrit' before carrying on ...
Although I drew the line at photographing the nettle rash on Miss Macs bum ( mostly because she said she'd call child services if I did) I DID manage to take a couple of her hard at work and capture the beautiful sunset for you.


joeh said...

The funniest picture is the one you did not take...must have been a sight for you neighbor.

Sarah said...

Funnily enough he seemed completely at ease with it Joe ;-) it would have made a great photo wouldn't it.

Maxabella said...

I had such a laugh at your description of what the farmer saw. I love a stoic type. Nice day forrit indeed!! x