Friday, 26 July 2013

Own Your Words

Last night I logged into Facebook and saw the following update:

'Im an Australian..
Do I really give a flying fuck about some little cunt that has just been born?

No I fucking dont..'

Considering that the present Monarch of Australia is Queen Elizabeth II, the great grandmother of this child, I'm not sure that being Australian is a relevant  argument.

I rarely get involved with issues or debates on Facebook and I'm not in the habit of instigating them but the offensiveness of this comment took my breath away!

I'm not an ardent royalist - I've avoided the hype surrounding the royal birth by the simple method of not watching the television but I couldn't let this pass without comment.

I simply said:

' Personally I'd say every baby safely born is a reason to be thankful.'

The response I got was:

 so like you Sarah xx but you know its not what I meant xx..

Actually, no, I DON'T know what you meant - all I know is what you SAID.

Maybe you thought you were being funny or clever or ...  I don't know actually and I find I don't want to delve too far into your psyche.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.



Car said...

Very poor form and appaling comment - no matter if you follow the royals or not. As you said dont watch!

Makes me embarrassed to be an Aussie :(

FTR though - I think it is awesome, a beautiful little boy and seriously IF I can think like that with all my past issues, then surely others can too!

K Ville said...

I have found that the greater percentage of Australians I have met to utter a high percentage of unthoughtful comments fairly regularly. I don't mean in terms of bad language, I mean in terms of general 'me'ness. I think it's a cultural failing. They seem to see it as a cultural strength. (Uou will note I am not saying ALL Australians as some do seem to have skipped that gene, I think it runs fairly strong in my in-law family though.)

Feisty Cat said...

I am hereby making you an honorary Feisty Cat!

P.S. We watched the BBC's somewhat fawning coverage of the royal babe. It does all seem a bit much. I remember that baby's weight better than I remember my own. But it looks like Kate (can I call her Kate?) is handling it with grace and style. (Did I really just write that?) Perhaps a good role model for all those Facebookers?