Monday, 15 July 2013

Weekend Highlighs

Seriously, this blogger app is great when its working.  Unfortunately it doesn't always and I've got several posts perpetually saving without being able to publish them.  Sooo frustrating!!

Because I am lazy and slightly disenchanted ( but mostly lazy ;) I really can't be bothered to retype the post I wrote this morning so I'll just give you a brief run down of my weekend.

Friday night - fish and chips at the beach - Beautiful sunset - boats - cool breeze -  happy, happy!

Saturday morning - early start ( by SD's standards ie in town by 10.30 and drinking coffee with friends at a brand new coffee shop called The Shed set in Goodlands Gardens by the river which has replaced some very unsavoury public toilets and where they serve shot glasses of smarties with your coffee!

Saturday afternoon working on the beach buggy and discovering one of the wheels I'd painstakingly painted with three coats of white enamel won't sit properly so we have to move from wheel nuts to studs so no jaunt until next weekend :-(.

Saturday night at the pub to see a (new to us band) Eat The Rich - completely mad (think Go Go Bordello meets The Hayseed Dixies!).

Contemplate buying a sword to defend SD's honor as he yet again attracts the attention of what appears to be the local, rather drunk gay Mafioso who insists on doing 'magic tricks' with coins (very badly) for SD's delight as we try to enjoy the music.

I say (in all seriousness) to SD - 'want me to have a word - tell him to back off my bloke?'

Run away hide as SD gives me 'THAT' look that tells me he doesn't find me funny (he is in a minority btw, I find myself hilarious ;).

Sunday morning mooching round town (more coffee - more smarties).

Sunday afternoon 'helping' SD at the farm (which involved much eating of cake - sunbathing and playing with kittens on my part).

Sunday evening stroll.along the river with Gus so he could swim.

Glass of merlot and fell asleep before the film ended and so adding Robin Hood (Russell Crowe/ Kate Blanchett version) to the list of films I've missed the end of ( Hugo and The Adjustment Bureau so far just in the last week!)

And there you have it - my weekend - pretty damned perfect - hope yours was too!


joeh said...

Sounds like a great weekend...except for the gay magician.

Feisty Cat said...

Smarties with coffee?! This I have to try.

K Ville said...

I like squirty cream on my smarties. Did they have squirty cream?!

Sarah said...

It was great Joe and SD pretty much takes it all in his stride - he gets chatted up by men far more often than I do :-)

It's great FC, much better than the little biscuits most places serve.

they do K - they serve yhei hot chocolate piled high with squirty cream, marshmallows and studded with flying saucer sweets and tiny biscuits covers in hundreds and thousands!