Thursday 12 February 2015

Five Things I Love About You

Is the title of a blog post I read the other day.

I know,  I could EASILY come up with five things I love about SD, actually, I could probably come up with fifteen or fifty or maybe even fifty five at a push ...

But I'm not going to because frankly, it would bore you ...  and you would think I was smug ...  and if SD ever read this then he would DEFINITELY be smug ... and then I might have to kill him ...

One thing I DO love about SD though is  his understanding of CREAM!

Now one of my pet hates is it when you go out for a meal, you dress up especially wearing something with an elasticated waistband so you can stuff your face with impunity (and everything else they have on the menu) - you order triple chocolate cheesecake WITH cream and when your longingly anticipated desert turns up you get this artistically drizzled trickle of cream over the top like a frigging cow has accidentally pissed in the direction of your pudding.

Cream teas - that's another one that gets me!

If I've paid a fiver for a cream tea I want:

a) TWO bloody scones NOT one please (and I 'd like it plain NOT fruit!) and

b) Enough clotted cream to sink a battleship (and seriously, don't ever try palming me off with that disgusting squirty stuff!) - I want it to ooze out of the sides every time I take a bite and land in a big dollop on my lap whereupon I WILL scrape it off my lycra clad thigh, spread it back on to my scone and eat it because where cream is concerned I HAVE NO SHAME!

Anyway, as I said, SD understands cream despite being a bit of a health and fitness freak and we agree that if you're going to have it then a 50/50 ratio of cream to pudding is about right which I  think is a pretty good basis for a relationship don't you agree?

The other thing that I think is important in a relationship (and I AM an expert in relationship matters - I've even considered setting myself up as some sort of relationship consultant or something as you will see if you care to pop over and take a look at this post) is having the same views on romance.

I know, I know, you're thinking, 'not another bloody Valentines posts, she's already brought us a crappy crafting post on chocolate roses this week - enough is enough!'  Actually, having made about 3 dozen of the bloody things I'd be inclined to agree with you!

'But it's Valentines Day on Saturday ...'  I want to bleat pathetically (and yep, well, this is my blog and I'll bleat on write about what the hell I like ok ...).

Long time readers will probably have seen my Purple Donut Of Love post from last year with it's represational art (most of which fell off) and my empty biscuit tin - if you haven't then you can read about it here or, if you can't be bothered then THIS my friends is last years Valentines card:


and (shortly) after ..
With and without the purple donut of love, the pink ... umm, heart?? and detachable balls ...

 Très romantic don't you agree?

I think SD was worried about how he was going to top that one this year, I mean I berated him  talked about it SO much and was SO completely gobsmacked appreciative he knew he was going to have to pull something special out of the bag this year to compete.

So he had a chat with a year 7 yesterday who has come up with a prototype for this year's card:

I am indeed blessed ...

Oh, and I almost forgot!

I promised Stephen (and anyone else who expressed an interest) my wannabe Wookiee photo so here it is:

Wouldn't YOU be proud to be seen with me in public??


joeh said...

Experts are now saying cream is good for you. Pile it on, enjoy!

Brighton Pensioner said...

How DID you manage to get your hair looking like that? Is it your hair?

stephen Hayes said...

You make a fine wookiee. If you go to a Star Wars convention I doubt you'd be leaving alone.

Holly Hollyson @ Full of Beans and Sausages said...

How did that last photo there happen??!! I love cream, but when I stepped on the scales last night and discovered my BMI is now 'overweight' I renounced all good foods. Almost.

Unknown said...

I absolutely love the wookie photo. And now I'm questioning my own relationship with cream. I really should've spent more time ironing that out.

Sarah said...

Yay for the ever changing expert opinion Joe - I shall have cream with my bacon!

It' IS mine (I'm slightly embarrassed to admit) BP ...

Ha ha - why thank you Stephen :-)

How did it happen Holly ... I don't really know, it just did/does ... Go and read Joe's post - you don't need to give up cream (or bacon!).

God, I avoid anything that requires ironing Angela, I find my time is much better spent just eating cream and not questioning stuff.

Got to say, I'm just a little surprised that NO ONE has even commented on THAT card ;-)

AGuidingLife said...

by 50/50 do you mean same amount of cream to scone (pronounced sc-on) or do you mean half the amount of cream to the size of the sc-on. Because I think that the clotted cream is always short changed. I want my cream the thickness of the sk-O-n. Half the thickness isn't quite right. I don't really understand squirty cream unless it is squirted whilst standing at the fridge directly into one's mouth (with your little finger lifted upwards for correctness). I like fresh whipped cream. Sometimes I think it is a shame that it is spoilt by an accompaniment - like fruit of cake, I think cream is a pudding. Why do people deny that and see it as an add on. "would you like cream with that?" Errrr wrong question "what would you like with your cream madam" - correct.

Sarah said...

Love me a bit of whipped cream too K and yes, by 50/50 I mean roughly the same weight of cream to scone is just about right (but I'm afraid being a posh southerner I do say scone as in .... ummm ... bone?) - can't help it, blame my mother ... Cream is definitely a pudding - did you know if you pour double cream over ice cream it sets?? Sometimes I make my own clotted cream ice cream and pour cream over it ...

AGuidingLife said...

I do know about the setting cream thing - I do I do! I do that :)