Thursday, 26 January 2012

Is It Spring Yet?

I know, I know, it's the UK and it's still January. 

We have about another 8 weeks or so before it's technically spring but for me January is not only the start of a new year it's the time that I start looking out for any signs that spring is on it's way.

I'm just not a winter person.  I feel the cold terribly and dark mornings and short days make me want to  hibernate.

Now, I said I would probably blog less and that remains to be seen, but I also said that I would blog when I had something to say and today I do.

I started my ... oh, I don't really know what to call it ... 'new me plan' isn't quite right ...  I just want the old me back.

Anyway.  It started with the new eating regime.  I can't believe I have to eat 6 times a day!  For someone that can go for several days without thinking much about food that's a pretty tall order.

However, I'm committed to it. It's little and often and it's not like I don't like food or enjoy eating because I do. 

I just don't give it enough thought.

I'm pretty sure I said I wouldn't bang on about it so I'll shut up for now ;)

Back to my hunt for signs of spring.

Last night it poured with rain and it was still pretty horrible first thing but then, the sun came out, the wind blew the clouds away and Gus and I made a dash for the park before it started again.

After lunch when it was still dry and sunny I decided we should get out again for a proper walk so we went to the canal (one of the few green open spaces accessible to me without a car) and we walked.

I've stopped just strolling along while Gus does all the running and I've started really walking, getting my heart working a little faster and feeling that lactic acid start to burn. 

The walk we did covers about 3 miles and who knows, I may build up to running it over the course of the year.

I did stop a few times to take some photos and here they are:

clear blue skies

Gus being RATHER ambitious!

one of my favourite buildings - it houses a lift for canal boats to lift them onto another section of the canal.
these two were building a nest (it MUST be spring!)

signs of spring! :)

after all the rain the water is a little muddy

Then, once I'd got home, hair in a ponytail and sans makeup I took a photo of myself. 

This was something else the nutritionist had suggested as you often don't see yourself as you really are when looking in a mirror (REALLY hoping that doesn't mean all the gurning photos are how I look to everyone else!).

I'm not entirely sure that she meant I needed to share the photo but .... 

What the hell ...

thank god only the swans saw me ;)


Finding a skinnier me said...

Your pictures are beautiful.

I have to agree, since I became an outdoorsy person, I start looking for signs of Spring in January as well. I use to love the rain, now I prefer it when it is 75 degrees.

Good luck on gaining weight. I could pass a few pounds your way

Kelloggsville said...

Y'all need some meat on those bones! Now stick the kettle on because we're settling down to cake together :) ps I didn't put the bathroom light on when I showered this morning. It's getting lighter earlier :)

Sarah Mac said...

Me too Fasm - there's nothing I like more than the sun on my face :)

We have had such a mild winter it's all starting early which is fine by me!

I love taking photos but I get very frustrated by the limitations of my phone - a decent camera is still on my wish list.

If I stick to the plan I should start plumping up a little soon hopefully!

Mmmm, I'm ALWAYS up for cake K!!

Haha, can't believe I posted that pic, where's my pride? ;)

I love the lighter mornings and evenings, so much easier to get out of bed!

Anonymous said...

I too, do not like winter and crave the sunshine of the spring. It will come soon. I cannot wait!!

I love the photos you posted. You live in a beautiful place.

I wish you all the best on your commitment for nutrition. I am really rooting for you.

Sarah Mac said...

Thank you Meg - I'm in a much better position than many as this is something I have control over. Given that, to not look afer myself properly would be incredibly selfish.

I feel a lot more positive already now the mornings are lighter, spring really IS on the way.

Lots more photos to follow no doubt :)