Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Gerroff My Land!!

Or, to be more precise, 'Get off my fecking Facbook if you don't know how to behave!!'.

48 hours later (see, I am learning to think before I post :) and I am still really pissed off about some comments posted on one of my pictures.

On Saturday night I went out with Surfer Dude and another friends Jon to the Moat House where they were having a live music extravaganza. 

16 bands in 16 hours.

A friend of mine plays guitar in a band and a mutual friend of mine and Surfer Dude plays drums in the same band so we went along to show some support (and because they are pretty damned good).

The first thing that hit me was the change of name ...

The Apple and Parrot FFS!!!

it is, always has been (and shall remain) The Moat House!
The second thing was that they had ripped out the beautiful wooden bar and stuck a horrible modern one in the corner.

Apart from that (as it's a listed building) they fortunately seem to have left it pretty much alone.

Anyway, the place was absolutely rocking.

It was hot, it was sweaty and it was really, REALLY loud!

Full of some great character due to the diversity of the music.

I actually stalked this guy to get a photo for you :)

After taking about 20 with my phone (mostly of the back of his head, damn that guy could move fast even with a walking stick!) peering around pillars and (accidently!) following him to the loo Jon whipped out his phone which actually had a flash and brazenly snapped off a few for me. It's a shame they aren't full length, you don't really get the full affect.

Have to say, he was a braver man than me, this guy was seriously scary and wearing dark glasses even in a dark pub but then, Jon is 6ft 4" and built like a brick sh*t house AND he works on oil rigs (if that's at all relevant) so he doesn't scare easy.

I thought at first this guy could be an aging Hells Angel but there weren't any markings on his jacket so I'm guessing either a rocker or a biker (probably the latter would account for the walking stick).

Anyway, we had a real blast helped considerably by Jon working through a vast range of ciders to make up for his dry spell on the rig and insisting that I try each one of his pints and give my opinion.

Like I know anything about cider ...  (other than the fact that it has a very unfortunate affect on my stomach!).

We danced, we shouted, we clapped and whistled ...  Surfer Dude sang along really extraordinarily badly!! (which may account for the fact that I was deaf in one ear for at least 18 hours after)

Then I went  home tired, sweaty and feeling really good.

I've got into the habit of taking snaps of myself every now and then as part of this new eating regime (which is going pretty well :) and when I'd dried my hair earlier in the evening it had gone wild, I mean seriously mad!!

So I took a photo.

For a laugh I posted it on FB.

Someone I thought I knew pretty well, someone I thought was a friend made some fatuous comment about it being a hot pic and did I get laid.

I was kind of taken aback to be honest, particularly when it was followed up with another comment that I also found offensive.

Now I'm not a prude on FB at all, but equally, I'm not as laid back as I am on my blog and this person and I have history.

So, after trying to brush it off I sent him a text saying I wasn't entirely happy about the comments and, well, lets just say that his reply made it pretty clear that he wasn't as cool with us just being friends as I'd thought he was.

I'm fairly ruthless on FB these days and I really dont need that crap so he is gone but I still feel a bit unsettled by it. 

My love/hate relationship with FB continues slightly more tarnished than it was before.

Then I lay in bed chopping up photos of myself (ok, cropping them to be more precise :).

I'm not really sure why (there possibly is some deep psycological reason for it I'm guessing :).

I prefer to think of it as part of my continued facination for taking photos.

I took the photo I'd posted on FB and did a series of clips zooming in a little further each time.

I really like the way it pixilates (which is probably NOT the correct teminology but really, dilligaf? ;) so I thought I'd post them here where you can say whatever you like cause as far as I know hardly anyone I actually know in the flesh reads my blog.



Anonymous said...

It is still wild and crazy hair no matter how close you get to it - and I for one think it is fab!

Being a person who most of the time can't really be bothered with the straighteners, and who's hubby thinks the wild and crazy look is quite becoming, I am all for wild and crazy....It makes life so much simpler...

Anyway - don't let the muppet upset you any more Sarah - you are wonderful he is a muppet and should know better.....He is gone, you are still here and we love you to bits (well I do)

Love & Hugs
Lou :-)

Kelloggsville said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kelloggsville said...

(Damn you autocorrect.)

Delete, delete, defriend, delete. Control is a wonderful thing on FB.

Sarah Mac said...

Thanks Lou :) - I may let the wild and crazy look have it's way every now and then although there is a danger that I look like the muppet if I do (animal to be precise;).

It is indeed K but it's not something I do lightly and I had been hoping it was just a case of someone trying (and failing) to be funny. If it had been I would have just removed the comments and left it at that. Hmmm, never mind, move on :)