Sunday 26 February 2012

Sarah Helps Out ...

Surfer Dude : suspiciously -   'Are you taking photos again?'

Me: innocently -   'Noooo....  I'm HELPING!'

SD: with exagerated patience -  'It would really 'help' if you got down off that f*cking ladder and STOPPED taking photos!'

Ok, so I was up a ladder in a barn hanging precariously out of the window taking photos because   ...

The way the light was catching this tree against
 the sky was JUST beautiful!

When Surfer Dude suggested a day at the farm yesterday I jumped at the chance (how much do I LOVE the smell of cow shit :).

When he said 'dress for getting dirty there's work to do' obviously I assumed we would be strolling around picking up the odd free range egg or two (preferably sans chicken shit) before sitting on the lawn eating cream teas ....

When SD took one look at me and chucked me a pair of overalls I protested.

I do NOT do orange!

After a lot of pouting (which he ignored) I was persuaded to at least change out of my boots and into a pair of trainers (only 2 sizes too big!)

Unfortunately that did highlighted the fact that I'd pinched a pair of Miss Macs jeans which were a little on the short side for me.

I declined the offer of 'a pair of long socks so I could tuck them in' ... seriously SD?

On what planet was I EVER going to do that? (sigh ... picture it if you must ... ;).

So I rolled the jeans up bovver girl style - well least, I like to think that's how it looked but I suspect I just looked ridiculous and I got stuck in!

Me: 'SD, I have cobwebs in my haaayer'.

Me: SD, I don't think the goat likes me much.

Me:  SD, the goat is giving me the evil eye.

Me: SD, when a goat puts it head down and paws the ground, what does it mean?

Me:  SD, the fucking goat is CHASING me!!!

SD: 'Sarah, I am up a fucking ladder, I have cobwebs in MY hair and I am trying to fit this window.

Will you STOP taking photos, playing with the fucking goat and whinging and hold the bottom of the fucking ladder!!!'

(I'm pretty sure that level of bad language was TOTALLY unneccessary ....)

When I'd finished 'helping' fit the window I looked around expectantly.

Me: 'Is it time for the cream tea now?'

SD: 'pick up the Devon and follow me'

Devon?  As in Devonshire cream tea???

Hmmm, not quite ...

THIS is a Devon!

To be continued ....


AGuidingLife said...

that be for shit shovelling! Fields to clear (I do hope it's fields becuase we all know shit shovelling in a barn is the devils work for the nose).

Ps I heard that putting his head down and pawing the ground means please come closer and scratch my head....take your camera with you when you try it LOL

Sarah said...

Funnily enough SD said something similar. Apparently the goat was 'only chasing me because I was running away'.

Hmmm, well I'd got close enough to see the evil glint in that buggers eye and I wasn't taking ANY chance!

If I get a camera with a telescopic lens for my Birthday you MIGHT just get a photo ;)