Tuesday, 28 February 2012

WoW - Expectation

Write On Wednesdays

The Write on Wednesday Spark: Small expectations As I am thinking about education and learning, kindergarten and university, I have taken this week's writing exercise from one of my early childhood books. It is an activity I do with small children and one that always inspires so I thought it would be fun to see what the exercise inspires in adults. So, your prompt is: Imagine yourself as tiny as your thumb.Where would you live? What would you do?

This is a follow on from last week:  Where the words fade with the sunset she hopes that sunrise might bring the answers. Inspired very much by Gills comment suggesting the story could follow a similar theme to Chocolat (one of my favorite book!) a mixture of realism and magic.  Thank you Gill :).  Also taking elements of the Rock Chick story both past and present. How much is real and how much magic? ...  Well, I'm not really sure ...


Mist stole low across the sea touching her with damp, icy fingers.  Mingling with her frosted breath and caressing her frozen lips.

Drops of moisture clung and crystalised on every curl like a bridal veil of diamonds.

She made her way to the place where the sun rose.

So sure it was the place of answers, and, that those answers would bring with them a new dawning in her consciousness.
The rock was smooth and cold to the touch.  Hidden deep within were memories of basking in the sun.

She sat, head bowed, waiting patiently for the warmth to envelope her, to unfreeze her heart.

To set her free.

For life to be jolted into movement. For colour to seep back into her world.

But, in that moment of stillness, as the stars began to fade and the sky was tinged with pink she finally understood her smallness, her insignificance.

There was no escape from  the touch that had left it's imprint on her soul, the scent that permeated her skin and the essence that lingered deep in her heart.

The power to unlock the magic of the rock wasn't in her.

She glanced over her shoulder at the reflection of her soul standing in shadow.

Knowing, that whilst his back remained turned, she would forever be in shade.


Melinda Chapman said...

This is really cool. A little sad... I wished she found what she's looking for! I like the subtle and powerful sentence that depicts the theme of 'small'. :)

sjp said...

Good follow on from the letter, theme of some underlying torment is quite prevalent, loved the descriptions of surrounding elements.

claire said...

That was an amazing piece of writing! Every word was carefully thought out, and your images are magical! Wonderful job with this!

Finding a skinnier me said...

Beautiful writing!

Anonymous said...

you definitiely have a romance novel or at least some chick lit in you woman! get cracking

Meg Dunley said...

Great writing and tension through your writing. Meg

Stephanie said...

Lovely writing! I love the melancholy feel that this piece has. It's touching and a bit sad at the same time. Vivid images and details. Nice work!