Friday, 24 May 2013

The Rewind RETURNS!!!

I woke up this morning feeling slightly crap.  For the last two weeks I've been rather pleased with myself for not succumbing to the bug Surfer Dude brought home from school and which has left him with a sore throat, aching limbs and feeling pretty exhausted.

He's well on the road to recovery (thanks to plenty of Benylyn and other drugs my superior nursing skills) and now I'm afraid I may be coming down with it just in time for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Well, I don't have time for that!  We have BIG plans this weekend.  We going to Newquay in Cornwall for Run To The Sun - a huge VW festival with thousands of people, lots of beer and some great bands and I REFUSE to be ill I tell you!!!

I was feeling a little sorry for myself as I logged into Blogger this morning and I can't think of ANY drug that could have cheered me up more than finding that Allison Tait over at the Pink Fibro has decided, for a limited time, to bring back The Weekend Rewind!

The rewind was one of the first (and one of the very best) linkys I discovered almost at the start of writing my blog.  It's such a friendly place and a great way to discover new blogs and it gave me such a huge boost to see it back again taking me right back to those heady, happy days when I first started out when my blog was  just a promise of the great adventure to come.

Thank you SO much for bringing it back Allison!

This weeks theme is January - all you need to do is rewind a post from ANY January and link up with Allison - don't forget to visit a few of the other blogs too.  I know I've been guilty of not updating my blog roll for a very long time and I also know this is a great place to find new people.

Anyway, without any further ado, I bring you my January post:

WTF Sarah!

SD has this way of looking at me sometimes - it's almost like he's thinking 'WTF are you doing Sarah'.

In fact, SOMETIMES he actually says, 'WTF are you DOING Sarah???'

This afternoon I was minding my own business when SD came into the room and I became aware that he was looking at me with  THAT look on his face.

So I gave him the eyebrows raised, mouth open, shoulder shrugging kinda look back as though to say, 'isn't it obvious WTF I'm doing???' -  but STILL he said it.

So I ignored him.

There was a brief pause and then he said:

Sarah are you ... are you ...  measuring your arse???

And yes, for the record, I WAS measuring my arse and I'm pretty sure that not one of you would have felt the need to ask that question had you seen me with a tape measure stretched across my backside because, like I said, it was bleedin' obvious wasn't it?  Asking me why, well now that might just have been the more sensible question don't you think?

(I was actually measuring it because SD told me that the seats on the beach buggy were 23cm across and I was a little concerned that when I'm sitting down my posterior may actually encompass a spread slightly larger than the said seats and I might overflow and obscure the handbrake or something similarly vital ...)

But seriously, can a girl not measure her own arse, in the comfort of her own home without being cross questioned????

Ok, I'll admit, sometime (just SOMETIMES mind) SD is possibly perfectly justified in giving me THAT look.

For instance:

Some time between Christmas and New Year SD and I put up a new fence at the farm.

Before we could put up the new fence we had to take down the old one.  This involved removing the old uprights that were buried quite deep.

SD drove the van into the field, tied a rope to the old upright and handed the other end to me.  He got back into the van saying 'sort that out and tell me when somethings happening'.

I looked at the rope, got to admit, I wasn't really sure what was supposed to happen next but I didn't want to disappoint so I smiled and nodded encouragingly.

Slowly, slowly he pulled away.  'Anything?' he shouted - 'Ummm, no not yet I replied' still wondering what the hell I was supposed to be looking for and looking at the end of the rope for inspiration.

He inched forward a little more - 'Anything yet?' he shouted. 'Nothing' I replied looking around completely mystified.

Another couple of inches - 'Anything yet?' he shouted sounding a little impatient. 'Ummm, no, not really ....'

SD stuck his head out of the window, looked at me and slowly that expression of total incredulity stole across his face.

Without a word he jumped out of the van, walked across to me, stood, for a brief moment looking at me and shaking his head before he took the loose end of the rope that I'd been twirling in my hand and hooked it around the vans tow hitch ....

Oh ....


Kelloggs Ville said...

got a feeling I met you in the rewind!

Claire Hewitt said...

opps, yes, a rope needs to be attached to something!

Sarah said...

You may well have done K - I do remember you demanding tea and cake in your first comment ;-).

Lol, well I know that NOW Claire but really, SD sometimes expects FAR too much from me ;-)

Oculus Mundi said...

What are the odds there would be two Sarah Macs blogging and both would be dead funny :) Nice to finally meet the Aussie mental case's alter ego.

joeh said...

Thanks for the rewind heads up, use to like that one as well...somehow stopped following AT, I think she switched to hawking stuff on her blogs. Anyway I will visit.

K Ville said...

wey hey - just popped in from the rewind - oh, hang on, don't I know you already, your the one that runs out of tea and cake *backs out again*

Suzi - Under The Windmills said...

Lol! Your a crack up Sarah! How i have missed reading your antics, I have a more stable Internet connection now so should be around more often :)

allison tait said...

LOL! Love it! That's the kind of thing I'd do! Thanks for Rewinding and thanks so much for the enthusiastic welcome back!

Sarah said...

God I'm rubbish - it's been so busy I haven't been here to reply - thank you all so much for the comments - looking forward to more rewinding next week!