Monday, 27 May 2013

Where On Earth

Want to know where the best place on earth  to be this weekend was?

Well that's EASY!

It was exactly where I was!!

Obviously that's partly BECAUSE I was there, and let's face it, why would you want to spend the weekend somewhere I wasn't????

Surfer Dude told me he wouldn't swap me for Angelina Jolie even if she owned a cottage in Cornwall and a tractor with Clayber tyres and seriously, if you knew how much SD would LOVE a tractor with Claybers you'd realise what a HUGE compliment that was!

I think he's still trying to make up for the 'If your personality were as great as your ass you'd be damned near perfect' comment which he maintains he meant as a compliment but I'm not so sure .... ;-)

It's been a magical weekend.

SD and I headed for Cornwall and Run To The Sun - it's a huge car/music festival held in Trevelgue just outside Newquay where 8 or 9 thousand other car lovers/sun seekers descend to party the weekend away.

As ever, I think SD knew at least 7 thousand of them personally and managed to make friends with the rest while we were there but that's one of the things I love most about him (despite the fact that it slows our progress to the beer tent somewhat!).

I am (believe it or not) a fairly introverted person.  People who don't know me well sometimes think I'm a little aloof.  Of course, when you get to know me you know nothing could be further from the truth but I'm aware that it is an aura I give off ...

SD is the polar opposite of aloof - he's open, friendly, totally unselfconscious, unfailingly laid back and happy and he draws me in to his golden bubble because he says that these days, without me by his side, he feels like something is missing.

But, if being with SD in a place that I love with a great crowd of people wasn't enough for one girl (and believe me, it was!) then there was more!

When SD and I had had our fill of Mustangs, VDubs, Ford Pops, Cadillacs, Ferrari's and even an F1 car we went for a wander around Newquay.

We stopped a while at a cafe with a sun terrace overlooking Newquays 5 beaches and sat on a huge circular sofa in the blazing sun topping up our tans and drinking coffee.

We strolled hand in hand around the town visiting our favourite shops.

We walked across Barrowfields, a large grass area high above the town with views across the sand and sea to Wales and we took photos of each other snapping those happy moments so we can keep them forever (obviously I WAS gurning in most of them but SD has learnt to take LOTS in the hope of getting one decent snap of me).

and yes, this really was the best one ;-)

We dropped back down into the town and headed for the harbour where a fishing boat was pulling in followed by a couple of these:

These guys are seriously friendly and follow the boats in hoping to be thrown some fish.  They lie happily sunning themselves on the top of the water while you take photos and one came right up to the wall to take a good look at me, had I been able to reach I could have stroked him.

Our day ended back at Porth  in the Mermaid Inn - even if the food wasn't fantastic (which is is!!) - who could fault a view like this as you eat your dinner?

Tell me your weekend was more perfect than mine - I won't believe you ....

I'm one lucky bitch aren't I?

Seriously though, I hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend too and that it brought you as much happiness as mine did me.


K Ville said...

Sounds pretty perfect to me.

joeh said...

COME ON!! That personality-ass comment is definitely a compliment!!

If he turned it around...that would be bad.

Feisty Cat said...

It sounds wonderful. And you deserve it.

I understand the introverted thing. Mr. Feisty Cat scores high on the extroverted chart. He pulls me along in his wake.

Sarah said...

it really was K - one of those magical times where everything is just perfect :-)

Ha ha Joe - you're right, hadn't thought of it like that! From now on I shall strive to be as perfect as my ass ;-)

It was FC and I loved every minute of it!

Sounds like Mr FC and SD have a lot in common - Im happy basking in SD's sunshine - he keeps me warm :)