Thursday, 2 May 2013

Could Do Better

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As you all know, I am (a self confessed) expert in certain thing.  Need some  Relationship Guidance?  Look no further!!  I'll have you back on track in No time at all! (well, on A track anyway - it may not be the one I intended but you know, a tracks a track isn't it ....).

Village pub dress code when your knobbish first ever boyfriend suddenly makes an appearance after 20 odd years? (yes, I KNOW that's possibly a niche market but that's exactly why you need expert advice innit?).

What to wear for a day's blackberry picking with a randy bull and a little kitten wrangling thrown in (most of my posts seem to have a  fashionista element to them you know - I really AM something of an expert in this field ... well, maybe just in fields really ... ;)

The perfect seduction kit (with a little seduction advice thrown in).

You get the picture?

Like I said, I'm pretty much an expert in many, MANY areas so this was always going to be a challenge for me and what better way to get started than to make a list ....

I'm NOT so good with  lists ....

I misplace them (I will NOT have it said I lose them ok?) - I doodle on them until I can't read them, I spill stuff on them and on occasion I think I might possibly eat them ...

I write myself helpful lists to ensure maximum productivity look:

If it all seems too hard a few minor adjustments suddenly makes everything SO simple
I sometimes look at my list with slight bemusement.  When I wrote knob on my list (I mused) did I need to buy one or was I simply making a statement?

If all else fails and I am slightly downcast at my inability to tick things off my list well then, I just improvise!

So I started to make a list of all those things I thought I'd be better at by now.  I categorised them, made sub lists and sub lists within sub lists and then it occurred to me.

It was SIMPLE!

The things I really thought I'd be better at by now all come down to one thing.


If nothing you've read has convinced you yet that I really suck at being a grown up then let me tell you about yesterday.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and so I decided it was time to clean my decking.

Off I trotted around the corner to borrow my neighbours pressure cleaner.

I knocked on the door and walked in as I always do and Dennis was nowhere to be seen.

I hovered for a bit whistling loudly in case he was in the loo when he appeared from the back garden.

'Sorry' he said, 'I was just trimming my bush round the back'.


'It's got really thick and bushy again' he went on - 'the electric trimmers don't touch it anymore, I've had to get out my big chopper' (actually, he really said saw but that doesn't sound so funny ;)


Now Dennis is 70ish and didn't have a bloody clue why I was finding all this so funny.  I did briefly consider enlightening him but settled for pretending I had hay fever instead.

Off I trotted pressure washer in tow and started blasting the shit out of everything in my path (in the process covering MYSELF in 10 different kinds of shit - why does no one ever warn you about splash back???)..

My boredom threshold is pretty low and I soon got fed up blasting the decking and moved onto the shed taking most of the paint off the bottom of it and blasting little paint chips all over myself, the fence, my plants and a little right over the wall into my neighbours garden.  I'd forgotten how powerful those things were!

Suddenly there was a huge BANG!

Bloody hell, I'd only gone and blown the end clean off Dennis's hose!!!

I chased that slippery little thing all over the garden as it thrashed about squirting everywhere (I know, I could have just turned the tap off but that's what a GROWNUP  would do isn't it?) while the pressure washer made loud chugging noises and I ran around shouting, 'damn you Dennis and your unpredictable hose - when I get hold of it .... !!!' (please feel free to insert appropriate expletives at this point including intended places to insert it!).

So yes, the day that started so peacefully with clear blue skies and a hot air balloon passing over my house descended into chaos with me chasing a recalcitrant hosepipe all over my garden screaming obscenities as it sprayed me with freezing cold water which at least cleaned some of the crap off me but did very little to further my reputation on the neighbourhood.

One day I might be better at being a grown up but yesterday was not that day and it's unlikely that today will be either ;-)


Tegan Churchill said...

Being grown up is overrated!

Thanks for linking up with us at The Lounge!

SlapdashMama said...

Oh god! Snort! Dennis you cheeky thing with your crazy hose! Snort snort! So glad you managed to "get a hold of it" before things got even worse! Snort!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whatever to the neighbours... I hate being a grown up sometimes. And those list. I hear you! Thanks for linking up in The Lounge.

Anonymous said...

Oh God Dennis and his unpredictable hose!!! I too have the sophisticated humour of a schoolboy so have just snorted and giggled all the way through this. Brush trimming bahahhaaaa!!!
There's another post on this link up which makes Uranus jokes - it's the one by The Motherhood Herald. You should check it out ;)
Thanks for linking up - love your blog already. Rach from The Lounge x

Ness said...


I'm exactly the same with those lists. I've just given up on them. Agree with the others. Being grown up is SO over rated.

Sarah said...

Absolutely Tegan (which is just as well as I doubt I'll ever get there!).

Lol, NS, keep an eye out for my next post - you'll never guess what I got hold of last night! ;)

List are the bane of my life robomum - one day people will realise the futility of writing them for me!

I read that post Rach - snorted in a very ladylike fasion all the way through it ;)

It IS isn't it Ness - I'm having a lovely time mostly just winging my way through life like a big kid :)

Jenster said...

Well...it could be worse. You could make lists and forget where you put them, like me :)
I love a good Dennis, except on those days when you are in a rush.
At least he is keeping his bush trimmed....ha ha!!

Sarah said...

Lol Jenster - I do that all the time ;-).

I'm would say I was very impressed with Dennis bush but that souds wrong on SO many levels!