Monday, 13 October 2014

Monday Musings

Over the weekend I spent at least 20 minutes with my nose pressed against my laptop screen and then slowly pulling away in a desperate attempt to see one of those magic eye pictures.

You remember them?  They were all the rage in the early 90's.  Pictures of dots or patterns which profess to contain a hidden picture?

It's a TRICK I tell you!!  It's like the Emperors new clothes or something, no one wants to be the first to admit that there's nothing there!

Well, I'M calling it!


I don't know what made me think of them, maybe it was SD's total disdain of my viewing pleasure and YES, I'll admit to avidly watching The Great British Bake Off even if SD does sneer at it and not see the point.

'She can't even TALK properly' he complains, 'Lays ...  she says lays, I can't see the lays clearly in this cake!!'


I don't complain when he wants to watch F1 do I? Hours and HOURS of cars driving around the same track, cameras jumping about all over the place and you can't even tell which car is which most of the time (and did I mention that it goes on for hours and HOURS!!).

I don't complain when he wants to watch the MotoGP, hours and HOURS of bikes going around the same track, cameras jumping around all over the place ....  You get my drift ...

Actually, I don't mind the MotoGP too much (but don't tell SD) although it scares the shit out of me - how do they go around corner at 200 miles an hour with their knee and sometimes their elbows scraping the ground and not fall off??

Oh, and did I ever tell you about my introduction to drag racing?

After watching about an hour  and feeling very confused I innocently asked SD why you only got the first few seconds and why they didn't show the whole race ...

So I stared at this image for 20 minutes or so and followed the instruction to 'look through' the picture and allow it to go blurry giving myself a migraine and then the cat walked over the keyboard and it was gone thank god.

SD has been bleeding quite a lot lately.

Honestly, for someone so safety conscious he's incredibly accident prone!

His latest injury was whilst jumping out of the van.  Somehow he managed to catch his knee on the speaker in the door and it shaved off a piece of skin the size of a 10p piece.


I'm more concerned about what happened to the piece of skin and flesh - where did it go???

I reckon it's actually INSIDE THE SPEAKER!!

Fortunately SD bought a new van last week although it's not on the road yet as it's waiting for an LPG conversion so the sooner he sells this one the better - we don't have to tell anyone about the potential bit of rotting flesh in the door do we?

I mean, if they actually ASK or anything then of course we should but otherwise ...

I've also started another craft project - well, when I say start ...

I won this box of chocolates in a raffle a couple of weeks ago and once I'd emptied out all the useless stuff like actually chocolates (kidding - I stuffed them 2 at a time into my face until they were all gone and then blamed Miss Mac when SD asked if he could have one) I thought - what a great box!!!

And so far that's my crafting project but I will transform it soon so keep watching!

SD has very unkindly started referring to Miss Mac as 'Monkey Girl' because she has developed a small patch of impetigo (which is being treated with a course of antibiotics) and he says she is like that monkey in the film Outbreak and despite being given her own towels etc to use until it's cleared up she keeps forgetting and using other ones so he is totally paranoid about catching it.

I also worryingly discovered this weekend that SD seems to know all the words to the Wombles song, Minuetto Allergretto.

Is it me or is that just a little ODD??  I mean, I know the chorus to Underground Overground (doesn't EVERYONE?) and a bit of Remember Your A Womble and I can la la along to Wombling Merry Christmas but Minuetto Allergretto?

Seriously, who remembers that one??

Other than that it's been a quiet weekend.  I helped SD install a new log burner at the farm, cooked up the last of the blackberry and apple for the freezer and watched this great film, Salt, which stars Angelina Jolie as a Russian double agent posing as a CIA agent, it's a totally kick ass film and I'd definitely recommend it!

I remember SD once said that he wouldn't swap me for Angelina Jolie but to be honest, after watching that film I think he might just have changed his mind.

Hell, after watching that film, I'd swap HIM for Angelina without pausing for breath!

Finally, I went to the doctors this morning to get a mole checked out - the mole is fine, nothing to worry about but my day (which hasn't been great so far due to it pouring down with rain) was considerably brightened by the doctor coming into the waiting room to call his next patient - Miss HAPP!!


Brighton Pensioner said...

I pleased to hear you had a good weekend. You did say that, didn't you? Or am I barking again?

Sarah said...

I did, I didn't and yes, you probably are BP ;-)

Holly Hollyson said...

I love your craft project...it looks like you might be onto something :p grossness re: missing piece of skin. Ugh, this is why I carry hand sanitizer with me EVERYWHERE!

Sarah said...

I'm having a major rethink on the craft project Holly, I want to try something a little different so we will have to see how it turns out!

Totally gross re the missing skin isn't it?

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

I look forward to seeing you transform your choccy box!
The wombles actually seriously rocked. I am now in awe of SD for knowing all the words.

Sarah said...

My Grandmother once knitted me a Womble Emma Kate, I loved it and SD is indeed awesome!