Thursday 16 July 2015

Poetry (aka - a true story ...)

I thought it was about time I brought you some more poetry Fudge style and then I thought I'd combine it with 'those damned things'.

Today started out well but then ... Well, see for yourself ...

I decided to make an effort today
'Cause I was off to town
I washed my hair, put on some slap
And dug out a fetching gown

Now I know there are some who might consider
My dresses rather short!
They might be right 'cause I can't bend over
Without giving it a great deal of though

I looked pretty good (I like to think)
And I don't think there was much doubt
Until I saw that tell tale seam
My fecking dress was INSIDE OUT!!!

I shot into the nearest shop
To find a changing room
Unfortunately I'd chosen White Stuff
The harbinger of DOOM!

I grabbed the first thing in my size
A shapeless milkmaid smock
It was brown in colour with olive green owls
I looked a proper cock!

The place was full of teacher types
All wearing A line dresses
With matching bags and sunglasses too
And neatly tied back tresses

I didn't fit the demograph
I felt I was slightly apart
Like they were dressed for a vicarage tea
And I was the only tart

The moral of this story is
Well actually, I'm not sure ...
Maybe take a look in the mirror next time
Before I walk out of the door ...


A.K. Knight said...

"Put on some slap?" I haven't heard that one before. We are definitely related; I am equally inept at dressing myself. XOXO, FC

Sarah said...

Ha ha - tiz a quaint old English saying FC for trowling on the makeup - I#ve always suspected we must share some genes :-) xxx