Monday, 14 September 2015

Budleigh Salterton

Because I haven't had my fill of beaches over the Summer (WHAT???) SD took pity on me a week or so ago and took me out for the day.

There's a largely undiscovered (by the masses), beautiful, unspoiled small town on the East coast of Devon.

Budleigh Salterton lies at the mouth of the river Otter between Sidmouth and Exmouth.

The reason that it's relatively undiscovered is this:

Beautiful isn't it?

But, it's a pebble beach ...

 So it doesn't really attract families.  The pebbles are large enough to be rather difficult and uncomfortable to walk on and with Exmouth and Sidmouth so close by that is where most people choose to take their children.

Budleigh largely remains the stomping (or strolling) ground for the older kind of person.  Often the VERY rich older kind of person.

I love it. 

Budleigh has a timeless appeal, an air of gentility, a place that I wouldn't dream of wearing jeans to.  A place where, on a sunny Sunday afternoon after church, once lunch has been consumed, ladies stroll along the seafront, taking the air.

And resting a while on a bench

 Obviously SD said I shouldn't take a photo of this lady but she was so beautifully dressed and epitomises Budleigh for me.

All along the seafront are groups of pastel coloured beach huts perched like icing covered fondant fancies:

Walking up the hill the view is breath taking with the ocean on one side:

And, on the other:

Stunning houses that I could only dream of ...

There are many boats pulled up on the beach as well as fishermen lining the shore.

And me looking decidedly nautical ;-)

At the far end the promenade takes you up above the beach and, looking down, I saw these:

Sculptures in the pebbles.  They must have taken HOURS and you could only really see them from above they were so big.  There was no indication of who had done them or why.

On the way home we stopped at Exmouth for cheesy chips on the seafront:

This is where I REALLY wished I'd remembered my camera.  The zoom on my phone isn't man enough to pick up the boats very clearly and they looked so beautiful against the blue of the water and the sky.  All except two had white sail, the others were a pale lemon and a faded dusty pink.

Budleigh Salterton really is the place to go if you want the seaside without the hustle and bustle of modern life.  Take a step back in time, take your parasol and picnic rug.  Take me if you like.

I love Budleigh ...


Mike @ A Bit About Britain said...

We almost went when in the West Country last month - I had heard that it was one of God's waiting rooms...so, obviously, it's high on the list. Loved the write-up and the photos, especially the nice one of you on the bench. Btw - wish I had your knack for the absolutely hilarious!

Sarah said...

Thank you Mike! When I write posts like this I often think about how you would elaborate so much more and give a much bigger insight into places. I sometimes feel I'm not doing them justice by leaving so much out. It's a shame you didn't visit. It really is one of God's waiting rooms as you say (although it would probably be considered more of a first class lounge ...). I'm always grateful for a photo where I'm not gurning or looking like I'm half way through a country dance (pointing a camera at me has a strange affect ...), other than looking a little serious I'm fairly normal in this one. I've read a couple of your posts where you've strayed from the informative and sensible into my world of the mad and ridiculous, I'd say you definitely have the knack.

joeh said...

Pebbles or not, surprising it is not more crowded. Nothing wrong with wearing shoes on the beach.

Sarah said...

I'm always surprised at how few people there are there Joe, I've never seen it looking more busy than this, not that I'm complaining.

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

It's beautiful there but as my mum came from Exmouth we went there much more often.
Those stone sculptures are wonderful. The first one is like those magic eye pictures. I wasn't sure if I was seeing what I saw.

Sarah said...

I love Exmouth too Emma Kate and we spent a lovely hour on the seafront eating our chips after our afternoon in Budleigh. I can see why families choose it over Budleigh. The sculptures were amazing, I really wish I'd had the camera with me, my phone really doesn't do them justice! xx