Monday, 28 September 2015

The Best Of Autumn

So much has been going on in the last few days that my head is literally still spinning and I have enough fodder for several blog posts!

Last Thursday I spent the day at Dismaland and I WILL write a proper post about that later in the week once I've downloaded the camera photos.

On Friday SD and I went to Bristol to see the legend that is John Lydon and PiL at the O2 - what a night!  But again, THAT deserve a post of it's own!

On Saturday we spent the day at the farm picking apples (again) and blackberries and packing up the van for a car boot sale yesterday.

Summer has made a bit of a comeback here in the South West of England and, although the temperatures are slightly lower than they were in August it's still been warm enough to pull on shorts and a t-shirt and enjoy the sun on our bare shoulders.

Yesterday after packing up at the end of the carboot we headed to the farm for some more blackberry picking.  It doesn't matter that my freezer is now groaning with fruit, I can't bear to leave that juicy fruit unpicked and rotting in the hedgerows.  It just seems like such a waste!

It was the most beautiful afternoon!

The sun was hot on my back.  Gus brought me a small pile of sticks and barked at me to throw them for him.  The cows with their young calves followed me from field to field watching as I reached for the plumpest fruit which is always just a little too high and the hedgerows were full of life.  Bright green flies buzzed around me, a dragonfly with brilliant blue wings dive bombed me for a while.  Crane flies rose like gangly legged helicopters and birds sang the last songs of summer.

Everywhere was a riot of colour.  The dusty blue of ripe sloes,bright red, shiny rose hips hung in clusters, ladybirds ranged from deep orange to fire engine red.  Toadstools nestled around my feet like the gateway to fairyland in shades of beige and  teasels clutched at my clothing as I brushed past them.

 And in the garden the roses are having their own last hurrah.

It's such a perfect time of year, if only it didn't herald the beginning of Winter then it would be perfectly perfect.

I vote we move September to the beginning of Spring - who's with me???


joeh said...

Yes! And move February between July and August, just to break up the summer heat a bit.

Holly Hollyson said...

Sounds like a lovely autumn! I would like to go back to England for an autumn soon. I am jealous you went to Dismaland! I would so love to go!

Sarah said...

I'm all for that Joe not that it's always that hot here in England but anything that shaves a bit off winter gets my vote! Lets do away with daylight savings too, I hate it when that kicks in!

Hope you can make it back for Autumn some time Holly, it really is the most beautiful time of year isn't it? Dismaland was amazing, I shall write a proper post about it soon so you can kind of visit.

Val said...

I love those pictures! Much more cheerful than Dismaland, though I still find it intriguing.

WAIT! Is that a LADYBUG on the blackberries? I can't help but think of my mom every time I see a ladybug.

Sarah said...

It's probably the most beautiful time of year here in England Val although it makes me a little sad because it means winter is on the way. The blackberries were covered in ladybugs (birds as we call them). The whole hedges was alive and moving and buzzing with various bugs.